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The conflict of a conservative: Bernie Sanders

(02/07/20 5:00am)

I can’t help but like Bernie Sanders. I‘m convinced of his sincerity, of his genuine yearning for an equitable America. I admire his dogged commitment, a character trait that is manifest in his established record of ideological consistency. I am reassured by the urgency he exudes, believing as I do in the precarity of our present moment. Although I am not quite “feeling the Bern,” I’ll say this: Sanders is the sole Democrat I would consider supporting. 

A contingent campus tour: the Dukes that never were

(02/07/20 5:00am)

Take a close look at the picture above. A serene lake in the lower right side balances the extended fingers of the one in the upper left, bookending the dominating Duke Chapel tower between them. The Chapel itself seems to stare intensely at the bird through whose eyes we are looking, spreading its stone wings of academic and residential cottages in direct challenge to the feathers of our avian proxy. 

Sundance 2020: An interview with ‘Surge’ director Aneil Karna

(02/08/20 5:00am)

Aneil Karia made his Sundance Film Festival debut with “Surge,” a psychological thriller that stars Ben Whishaw as Joseph, a troubled young man who lives an isolated life in London as an airport security officer. Joseph’s simmering disturbances, including his discomfort with social interaction and inability to assert himself, are catalyzed into a chaotic breakdown. The fallout takes him on a violent and metamorphic trip across the city. “Surge” is also Karia’s feature film debut after more than a decade working on short films and television. Karia’s short film “Work” was nominated for a British Academy Film and Television Award (BAFTA) in 2018. 

Sundance 2020: A conversation with the director and stars of ‘Luxor’

(02/08/20 5:00am)

Filmmaker Zeina Durra returned to Sundance this year with her newest film “Luxor,” starring  Andrea Riseborough and Karim Saleh. Set in Luxor, Egypt, the film chronicles the trauma of  Riseborough’s character, Hana, who is struggling to grapple with her past as a U.K. aid worker. As she rekindles her love with Saleh’s character, Sultan, and explores the city filled with forgotten memories, Hana begins to heal and process her experiences. 

What Kobe meant to me

(02/06/20 5:00am)

On Jan. 26, NBA legend and Academy Award winner Kobe Bryant tragically passed away in a helicopter crash. When news of his death first broke from TMZ, I thought it couldn’t be true. No way could such an iconic basketball legend be taken away from this world so quickly. I could still vividly remember watching him drop 60 points in his last game against the Utah Jazz in arguably the greatest farewell performance of all time, just like it was yesterday. But as the flood of news reports started to come in, I slowly came to accept that it was true — that Kobe Bryant, the Black Mamba, had died. Overwhelmed with sadness and shock, I broke down and cried.

Americana duo Drew and Ellie Holcomb on the power of personal and artistic collaboration

(02/09/20 5:03am)

Last semester, I learned about the importance of collaboration in music. Lennon and McCartney, Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn and even Billie Eilish and brother Finneas O’Connell exemplify how cooperation is necessary for a prosperous music career. But how does marriage impact collaboration, and how does working together impact a relationship? Married Americana duo Drew and Ellie Holcomb demonstrate that the art of give-and-take is crucial to strengthening all relationships — personal and professional.