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Eastcut Sandwich Bar serves up a burger that rivals Durham’s best

(09/19/19 4:02am)

Sandwich shops rarely get attention, but Eastcut Sandwich Bar — Brad Bankos and Steve Wuench’s ode to the deli subs they grew up on while living in New York and New Jersey — deserves the love and respect of the entire Triangle. Although it’s about an hour’s walk from campus (or a five-minute drive), it’s undoubtedly worth the journey.

How to sell yourself in five minutes: A guide to Media-Ville

(09/19/19 4:01am)

Durham might seem far removed from the cultural metropolises of New York and Los Angeles, where companies like HBO and NBCUniversal are headquartered, but recruiters from leading media companies such as these will be available to connect with students at Duke’s annual Media-Ville. Students interested in careers in the creative industries can stop by the Media-Ville table at Duke’s Fall Career Fair, which will be held Sept. 25 in Wilson Gym from noon to 2 p.m.

People and planet—profits be damned

(09/19/19 4:00am)

The average Duke student might look to enjoy some sun and Beyú Blue coffee on the Bryan Center Plaza this Saturday. However, they may not be aware of the climate strike that will be happening, with just 128 individuals—less than 1% of all Duke students—“interested” in the Facebook event as of the beginning of this week. This strike coincides with the climate strike in Raleigh on Friday as part of a global climate strike. Demanding the end of fossil fuel use, the movement has been led by youth like Greta Thunberg, the 16 years old activist who has skipped school every Friday for over a year to demonstrate outside the Swedish parliament and the White House last week.

How ‘The Farewell’ masterfully depicts Chinese American biculturalism

(09/19/19 4:03am)

It’s summer in Shanghai and the hot air clings to my skin as I say goodbye to my grandmother from the taxicab parked in front of her apartment building. The leather of the seats sticks to my thighs as she reaches through the window to grab my hand, and I see the tears well up in her eyes just as they do in mine. I am not in the habit of lying, yet I promise her that I will take her to America soon, and that she will stay with us in our home in Miami where she will spend the rest of her days. In reality, she is too old and too sick to bridge the distance between us, but I tell her that we will be together anyway to keep her heart strong and her head high. When I roll up the taxi window, my mother pretends not to see me cry as we make our way back to a place my grandmother cannot reach.

SoundCloud rap: An intro to an obscenely powerful movement

(09/20/19 4:02am)

Hark! O ye slatts and slimes, welcome to your safe space. In a culture that condescends upon contemporary rap as an art form, enjoying it in jest, or even genuinely as a guilty pleasure, the true fans are ostracized. But no longer! The tides are turning, and being involved and interested in music no longer requires years of music theory classes, nor will it ever again.

Tea Time: Is there something wrong with me if I’m not passionate about anything?

(09/18/19 8:33pm)

I have a huge secret, and it makes me feel so out of place here. I’m not passionate about anything!! I mean, I like things. I enjoy my classes and extracurricular activities. I like hanging with my friends. But I don’t have a driving passion. I hate the question “what are you passionate about?” because it makes me feel like I’m the only person who feels this way. I have to act like someone I’m not to answer. Is something wrong with me? Do I deserve to be here? Am I completely abnormal?

Eat the damn salmon

(09/19/19 4:00am)

We’ve become accustomed to a number of luxuries at Duke. Some of us have been afforded such privilege our entire lives; for others, these indulgences are unique to this campus. But regardless of our backgrounds, we are all getting a top-notch education, going to class in beautiful buildings, and choosing from literally dozens of delicious on-campus restaurants.

Duke at the FIBA World Cup: Jayson Tatum and Mason Plumlee fall short of expectations

(09/17/19 10:40pm)

Team USA’s FIBA World Cup run came to an abrupt end with back-to-back upset losses, leading the squad to an embarrassing seventh-place finish. The United States fielded two former Duke stars: Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics and Mason Plumlee of the Denver Nuggets. Other former Blue Devils, including all-time Duke scoring leader J.J. Redick, were invited to join the team but declined for various reasons.  

Letter: Come together around international students' issues

(09/18/19 4:00am)

A vital part of the college experience is learning to understand and appreciate different perspectives. In a recent column, Felicia Chen drew on her involvement with the International Association to describe challenges that international students face, drawing comparisons to her own upbringing in North Carolina. In a guest column response, Junette Yu took issue with Felicia’s characterizations and argued that the international student experience is more than a set of obstacles. As president of the International Association, I agree that it is valuable to broaden the scope of our discussion about the experiences of international students. That’s why I’m disappointed to find that Junette’s response contains unnecessary personal attacks that detract from the goal of bringing nuanced understanding to the conversation at hand.

The case for Biden

(09/18/19 4:00am)

Our campus is abuzz with political discussions that will only become more important  as the Democratic primary continues and the general presidential election of 2020 nears. President Trump’s defects and malign activities, while not the focus of this piece and too numerous in quantity to list here, have made him a weak incumbent, vulnerable to defeat. However, the president’s electoral odds are being strengthened by the Democratic party’s hard-left turn and embrace of candidates such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Confined to the Duke bubble or progressive Twitter, one could not be faulted for perceiving that there is widespread support for hard-left policies and that a campaign centered on these policies can capture strong voting majorities.