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Now more than ever, we love Duke

(04/03/20 4:00am)

On March 6, students departed campus for spring break, anticipating a week of rest and a reprieve from academics and extracurriculars. Four days later, the semester as they knew it was over. In a dramatic institutional response to the burgeoning coronavirus pandemic, Duke turned on a dime, shutting down campus, extending spring break and digitizing the entire university experience. That transition has not been seamless. Yet we have never loved Duke more. 

With ‘Future Nostalgia,’ Dua Lipa proves she’s here to stay

(04/02/20 2:29pm)

In a budding spring without nightclubs, windows-down car rides with friends and almost every other moment that begs for new pop music, it might feel weird to revel in “Future Nostalgia,” the electronic, disco, dance-pop album that Dua Lipa released last Friday. But Lipa’s album gives me a vivid mental image of what our post-quarantine nights will be like — and I hope you join me in that “nostalgia” for the future.

A little bit of God's grace can go a long way in the midst of a pandemic

(04/02/20 4:00am)

If the past two weeks have afforded me anything, it is an uncomfortable amount of free time. As a slightly overly-introspective dreamer, I have filled these hours reading, writing and reflecting on our current situation. And I would be lying if I said that I did not clearly feel God’s presence in these moments.

ChronSports' 2020 what-if series: Duke women's basketball

(04/02/20 1:57am)

With the suspension and later cancellation of all Duke athletic competition due to the spread of coronavirus, many Blue Devil seasons were abruptly cut short. The Chronicle is going to take a look back at those seasons affected as well as what we missed out on with their cancellations. We've already looked at men's basketball. Now it's time for women's basketball.

Duke belongs to us, we belong to Duke

(04/03/20 4:00am)

As Duke students, we like to pride ourselves in our grit and mental toughness. There's a very distinct culture here that attracts and cultivates the student that over-extends, over-achieves and laughs in the face of adversity. We share passions for social justice, community involvement and the pursuit of knowledge. We love making memes that epitomize the collective student experience. We work hard, we play harder and we enjoy every step of the process—as much as we also love to complain and pretend that we don't. 

Letter: Raj was a 'ray of sunshine'

(04/03/20 4:00am)

There are only a handful of people who have the ability to imprint so deeply on others through even the briefest of interactions. Raj was one of these people. In the 30 minutes or so that I got to know him a bit better while he graciously drove me to the airport a few weeks ago, I knew that I was in the presence of a humble genius. As no words are adequate enough for me to describe his generosity or smiling nature, all I can say is how glad I am that my last memories of Duke this semester were with a ray of sunshine. My love and prayers go out to Raj and his loved ones. 

Finding escape in the iOS app ‘Tiny Wings’

(04/01/20 4:00am)

My eyes are blurry, and I can’t really tell where my phone screen ends and the darkness begins. The glow from the bed below me has stopped — my brother must have gone to bed. From my perch up on the top bunk, I glance over at the radio clock — a little past midnight — playing a pop song I’d rather forget. Abruptly, the singer’s voice gives way to silence as the sleep timer kicks in.