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Finding gay friendship in college

(03/18/21 4:00am)

In in the past three years, I have written extensively—and often pessimistically—about being gay at Duke. My ramblings have covered how every aspect of being gay at Duke is uncomfortable: from finding a roommate, to walking past the chapel, to finding someone to date. Many students, alumni and professors have reached out to me to discuss an article, which I always appreciate and enjoy. But looking back I realize that I have painted a rather sad, although nuanced, picture of being gay at Duke. In reality, over the years I have experienced many beautiful moments of being gay and finding a community on campus. And I want to celebrate that—as well as reflect on why it can be difficult for most of us.

Duke issues 111 more student sanctions, holds 9 hearings for COVID-19 violations since Feb. 4

(03/17/21 4:50pm)

Since its last conduct update Feb. 4, Duke has issued 111 additional sanctions on students that could be included on their disciplinary record, and this semester, there have been nine student hearings for alleged flagrant violations of COVID policies, administrators wrote in a Wednesday email to undergraduates.

Durham IFC supports stay-in-place rules, promises accountability after virus surge admin attributes to frats

(03/16/21 5:59am)

The Durham Interfraternity Council—the governing body for nine fraternities that recently disaffiliated from the University— expressed support on Monday for Duke’s “stay-in-place” order and announced a new hotline and judicial board to address fraternity violations of Duke’s COVID-19 guidelines.

Why I spoke up for people I oppose

(03/16/21 4:00am)

It’s been nearly a month since I published a piece advocating for people who foster beliefs that I regularly oppose. The reaction to what I wrote was larger than I ever could have imagined. I had countless people reach out to me to express gratitude for speaking on what I did. My arguments made their way into at least a few classes. I was criticized and insulted for everyone to see on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even the Duke Confessions page. It got overwhelming pretty fast. No part of me regrets what I did, but with such a dramatic reception I’ve been forced to reflect on why I thought it was necessary to speak out for an ideology with which I disagree.

The importance of including trans athletes

(03/16/21 4:00am)

As a queer cis woman, I loved being a part of my high school’s varsity swim team. The pool was a place of acceptance, expressing my emotions productively, and discipline. I learned so much about confidence, teamwork, friendly competition, and myself. And the team… they were family. When I was struggling with depressive episodes and panic attacks, my team was there to support and encourage me. When I came out, my coach and teammates asked how they could be allies. Yet for far too many trans athletes across the country, sports are a place of feeling ostracized and unwelcome. I could not imagine the pain of even missing a year participating in the sport you love due to transphobia. 

Recruiting roundup: Sights turn to 2021 recruits as this season comes to a close

(03/16/21 5:27pm)

Duke’s abrupt disqualification from last week’s ACC tournament may have been the last straw in a disappointing 2020-21 campaign, but the Blue Devils already have a head start on the competition next season with a pair of commitments from five-star recruits Paolo Banchero and AJ Griffin. Already positioned for success, Duke’s outlook could brighten even further as a host of other top prospects make their decisions this spring.

'Has to change': Duke men's soccer continues to struggle converting opportunities in loss to Notre Dame

(03/15/21 7:58pm)

Coming off a huge 4-2 victory at Virginia Tech last weekend, Duke couldn’t keep up the momentum at home in Koskinen Stadium, losing 2-0 to Notre Dame this past Friday. Once again, the Blue Devils succeeded in maintaining possession, but their forwards and midfielders were unable to capitalize with goals. 

There’s no such thing as a ‘good’ action

(03/16/21 4:00am)

Can an action like pulling a lever be moral or immoral? The intuitive answer is no. In a vacuum, where it is just one person arbitrarily moving their lever, it’d be hard to say that this has any moral value. However, in the classic trolley problem, where pulling the lever averts the death of five people by condemning someone else to die for them, that action does acquire an ethical ‘meaning’. Does it matter that we’re pulling a lever, though? The problem would carry the same implications if we pressed a button instead. In fact, if the question was “should you save five people’s lives if it meant ending another one,” we’d see the same dilemma without even describing a particular action. This suggests that actions find their morality from the context that surrounds them and the principles that underpin them. They are moral chameleons; once the trolley passes the split in the track, the action of pulling the lever loses its character. What happens if we try to give certain actions their own independent moral meaning—paint the chameleon? The intuitive answer is nothing good. Unfortunately, that seems to be a popular thing to do.