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Letter to the editor

(03/03/16 5:40am)

I worked closely with Tallman Trask III as both Duke Student Government President and a three-year Chronicle columnist. As someone who knows him, I write to convey my heartfelt disbelief that Tallman said the things reported by The Chronicle Monday. I could say he is not racist. He is not and never once betrayed any prejudice to me, including behind closed doors in the darkest hours of the Lacrosse Scandal. I could say he is not malicious. He is warm-hearted and decent; no one cares more about Duke or the Durham community, both of which he has devoted a great deal of his professional life to building. I could also say he cares deeply for the well-being of service employees at Duke; ask those who were guests at his wedding. I will instead emphasize what you’d know the moment you met Tallman: the alleged remarks don’t match his wit, his demeanor, or his voice. He is too pithy for most adjectives, let alone lame and repetitive ones. He is certainly capable of clever barbs—frankly, far too capable to say anything that is both so heinous and so unimaginative. It’s not him. I hope the Chronicle has kept in sufficient touch with the University’s leaders to inform its reporting with both familiarity and perspective. Elliott WolfTrinity ‘08President, Duke Student Government, 2006-2007Columnist, The Chronicle, S2005, F2005, S2006, F2007, S2008

The minister of truth

(10/25/07 4:00am)

In January, I was invited to deliver the "Call to Unity" at the Durham Martin Luther King, Jr., Day Celebration along with the student body president from North Carolina Central University. It was to be held at Union Baptist Church, a major African-American Baptist church in Durham, with hundreds of community members, City Council, the mayor and the district attorney in attendance.

DSG will work to purchase N&O

(04/30/07 4:00am)

In order to better acclimate students to the Durham community, Duke Student Government decided to add a local newspaper to our Readership Program, which also offers The New York Times, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. When this decision was made over the summer of 2006, we felt that The Durham Herald-Sun was the most appropriate choice and entered into an arrangement with them to purchase newspapers for the 2006-2007 academic year.

Funding warrants explanation

(09/19/06 4:00am)

It is very encouraging that Duke Student Government, Campus Council and Duke University Union were all able to coordinate with one another to secure funding for Of Montreal to play a free show for Duke students Sept. 29 (see the Sept. 13 article, "Funds finalized for bands"). Significant effort had been put into the preparations for the show and luckily the event will take place as part of DUU's Oktoberfest festivities.

Lack of alcohol due to miscommunication

(04/26/06 4:00am)

The failure of the DSG Student Services Committee to obtain alcohol for the Tent Masquerade Party was an unfortunate mistake that highlighted fundamental problems in DSG and wasted this year's only real opportunity for kegs on the Main Quad. Students are owed an explanation as to why the event was advertised to feature free beer and wine, but the 40 kegs and 200 bottles of wine never materialized.