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Snyder's 'Justice League' addresses Whedon's shortcomings

(03/22/21 5:37pm)

The long-awaited “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” is finally here. For any other film, there wouldn’t be as much excitement and anticipation for a movie that was originally released in 2017, but fans of the DC universe have clamored to see Zack Snyder’s original vision for this superhero alliance. After watching both back-to-back, the difference between the original release and the new version is truly night and day, and despite the additional two hours, the investment in a new cut was worth it.

At the bottom of a cup of tea

(03/08/21 7:43pm)

I rubbed my eyes a little harder, catching a glimpse of three ceramic mugs lined up in a row. Each had an identically-knitted sweater sleeve that buttoned just below an ear-shaped handle. I yawned and watched as the mug turned into a paint streak behind my damp eyelashes. I wondered if the three tea packets, all wrapped in foil and glistening underneath my lamplight, would actually help block the insistent clamoring in my head and around my room. I have heard tea is good for tranquility, so I brought some to prove it. It was an experiment of sorts. A tea test.

From dual screens to glasses-free 3D, the Nintendo 3DS had it all

(02/23/21 5:00am)

Every console’s time comes where it needs to ride off into the sunset and make way for a fancier, upgraded successor. Ten years of the Nintendo 3DS should warrant a celebration, but the device’s quiet death last September feels like a bitter way to end the DS dynasty that kept Nintendo alive during their toughest moments. 

'Come and make some mistakes': A discussion with DukeCreate Director Kevin Erixson

(02/01/21 5:00am)

At the start of yet another full semester with social-distancing rules in place, DukeCreate is slated to offer an exciting and diverse selection of free online art workshops to all students, faculty and staff. Whether participants are interested in developing a new skill or simply want to connect with others, this semester’s lineup has something in store for everyone.

Pop-culture preview: 21 releases to look forward to in 2021

(01/26/21 11:28pm)

This year, more than any other, is about looking forward to brighter, more exciting days. The entertainment industry, after facing unprecedented setbacks due to the pandemic, will look to this year as an opportunity to bounce back and make up for the fairly limited 2020 release schedule. While there are hundreds of projects in the works that will release in 2021, it seems fitting to take a sneak peek at 21 films, shows and video games that will fulfill many media consumers’ entertainment cravings.

Thanks for the memories Kinect, even if they weren’t so great

(11/11/20 11:38pm)

Ten years ago, Microsoft graced the world with their $150 webcam. The Kinect was the company’s attempt at controller-free gaming, during a time where motion controls were at their most popular with the Nintendo Wii. Microsoft believed their rectangular camera stand would supersede the Wii and become the next big thing to transform home entertainment, spending $500 million on advertising alone. 

A look back at 'Super Mario Bros.' on its 35th anniversary

(09/22/20 4:00am)

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the release of the original “Super Mario Bros,” and Nintendo surprised fans with a series of products that rightfully pays tribute to the iconic franchise. The video game crash of 1983 could have easily spelled doom for home gaming consoles, with personal computers on the rise ready to take hold of the gaming market. But in 1985, Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), a console that revitalized the gaming industry with the help of the bundled launch titled “Super Mario Bros.” This year marks the 35th anniversary of the original video game’s release, and Nintendo surprised fans with a series of products that rightfully pays tribute to the iconic franchise.