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I also listened to an EP a day in 2021 — here are my favorites

(01/12/22 1:00pm)

Just like the many ambitious and spectacular albums that came out in 2021, there were plenty of EPs that also deserved the spotlight. EP, or extended play, is a short or half-length music album that typically contains more tracks than a single but fewer tracks than an album. Items were counted as EPs if they included more than one song, up to seven songs, or were labeled as an EP on Spotify or Apple Music. After listening to 365 EPs in 2021, here are 21 worth listening to in the new year.

I listened to an album a day in 2021 – here are my favorites

(01/10/22 5:00am)

New Year’s resolutions can come in many forms, and I chose to embark on a music journey. For every day of 2021, I decided to listen to an album. I was introduced to new artists, enjoyed new projects from songwriters I love and suffered through a few projects I regret putting on my list. To celebrate a year’s worth of albums though, I’ve selected 21 of the best and most enjoyable.

Seven days of Silk Sonic: How each song pairs with a day of the week

(11/29/21 1:00pm)

“An Evening With Silk Sonic” sends R&B’s new favorite super-duo into the stratosphere as Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak deliver their wondrous debut as Silk Sonic. The album is packed with 1970s fusion funk and R&B that hits nostalgia in a refreshing way. but even though the group takes us on such an exciting journey, “An Evening With Silk Sonic” is simply too short. Thirty-one minutes goes by swiftly, and right as our evening gets going, Silk Sonic says their musical goodbyes. It’s a tragedy with an album this enthralling, but what if we stretched that evening into a week? That way, the magic doesn’t have to end so soon, and every day of the week can be filled with partying, love, heartbreak and partying again, Silk Sonic style. Here’s a taste of how each track matches up to a day of the week:

Ubisoft’s ‘Riders Republic' is an extreme sports exploration of liberty and creativity

(11/08/21 5:00am)

Ever thought of pursuing a career in extreme outdoor sports but just didn’t know how? Perhaps you enjoy your day job a little too much and can’t find the time to get to the great outdoors and ride down hilly or snow-caked mountains. Ubisoft has you covered with their new original title, “Riders Republic,” where your desire for extreme trails and tricks is fulfilled with a variety of sports and careers to play.

How ‘Star Wars: Visions’ goes beyond the usual galaxy’s edge

(10/04/21 4:00am)

Let’s imagine “Star Wars” in a new light. Those typical themes of the American West hero are well trodden, and the imperialist narratives are loud and clear after 9 main films. But “Star Wars: Visions” is an example of how we can dream better and create new ideas around what “Star Wars” is and what it can be. The Disney Plus series is a collection of cinematic shorts, created by seven different Japanese animation studios. Nine episodes create a diverse, vast universe with distinct artistic drive, and the original lore acts as a loose inspiration guide to create something new, brilliant and long overdue.

'Twelve Minutes' is a cinematic exploration of trauma worth your time

(09/06/21 4:00am)

Only a few games are noticed by the broader public these days. “Super Mario Bros.,” “Grand Theft Auto” and “Animal Crossing” earned their popularity through engaging gameplay and record-breaking sales. Certain games, like “Cyberpunk 2077,” gain popularity because of a famous actor’s appearance in the game. Keanu Reeves alone can sell millions of copies of a game because star-power attracts audiences from different mediums, and this can also be said of Annapurna Interactive’s new game “Twelve Minutes.”

Silk Sonic's second single 'Skate' is the perfect summer roller rink jam

(08/20/21 4:00am)

Silk Sonic, a project bringing together the creative minds of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, is back with a new summer love song. “Skate” has the pair flexing their flirting capabilities in a more upbeat fashion compared to their monumental debut single “Leave the Door Open” that dropped earlier this year.

Eight video games to help you make the most of your free time this summer

(06/07/21 4:00am)

As much as we would love to spend every day outside and enjoy the summer sun, there will be days where the heat packs too hard of a punch and staying indoors is the more appealing option. This list includes a variety of genres and platforms from free app store picks to full-priced console games, all geared toward making your free time engaging and worth the investment.

Snyder's 'Justice League' addresses Whedon's shortcomings

(03/22/21 5:37pm)

The long-awaited “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” is finally here. For any other film, there wouldn’t be as much excitement and anticipation for a movie that was originally released in 2017, but fans of the DC universe have clamored to see Zack Snyder’s original vision for this superhero alliance. After watching both back-to-back, the difference between the original release and the new version is truly night and day, and despite the additional two hours, the investment in a new cut was worth it.

At the bottom of a cup of tea

(03/08/21 7:43pm)

I rubbed my eyes a little harder, catching a glimpse of three ceramic mugs lined up in a row. Each had an identically-knitted sweater sleeve that buttoned just below an ear-shaped handle. I yawned and watched as the mug turned into a paint streak behind my damp eyelashes. I wondered if the three tea packets, all wrapped in foil and glistening underneath my lamplight, would actually help block the insistent clamoring in my head and around my room. I have heard tea is good for tranquility, so I brought some to prove it. It was an experiment of sorts. A tea test.

From dual screens to glasses-free 3D, the Nintendo 3DS had it all

(02/23/21 5:00am)

Every console’s time comes where it needs to ride off into the sunset and make way for a fancier, upgraded successor. Ten years of the Nintendo 3DS should warrant a celebration, but the device’s quiet death last September feels like a bitter way to end the DS dynasty that kept Nintendo alive during their toughest moments. 

'Come and make some mistakes': A discussion with DukeCreate Director Kevin Erixson

(02/01/21 5:00am)

At the start of yet another full semester with social-distancing rules in place, DukeCreate is slated to offer an exciting and diverse selection of free online art workshops to all students, faculty and staff. Whether participants are interested in developing a new skill or simply want to connect with others, this semester’s lineup has something in store for everyone.