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(04/22/09 7:00am)

Last week, while desperately seeking distraction from work, I was delighted to see the Duke Senior Survey appear in my inbox, procrastination manna from heaven-or at least the provost's office. I pretended someone was interested in my individual opinion, and I wasted a solid 30 minutes to boot.


(04/09/09 7:00am)

This isn't officially my last issue of recess; that's technically next week, but in practice, I'll probably be hunkered down frantically finishing my thesis, abandoning all the real work to Andrew Hibbard and his crack team of novices. Also, there will be Duke, Horizontal-and let's face it, everyone would much rather read about sex than my musings.

bela fleck and friends

(04/02/09 7:00am)

Bela Fleck has something of the Midas touch about him. Whether he's playing newgrass or jazz fusion, classical concerti or jam-band vamps, Fleck has a penchant for garnering the applause of critics and audiences alike. His latest frontier: Africa. For Throw Down Your Heart, the third in his "Tales from the Acoustic Planet" series, the banjoist sought to explore the origins of his instrument and find great musicians to work with, resulting in a documentary, CD and tour.

the sandbox

(03/05/09 9:00am)

Sometimes it seems like there are just no original places to go for Spring Break. Acapulco? Puerto Vallarta? Myrtle, if you have a strong stomach and a weak wallet? It's all been done... repeatedly. And for uberhip folks like the recess staff, that just won't do. We like to be original, as long as we can do it while wearing the same American Apparel shirt as everyone we know.

Who cares if you listen?

(02/05/09 9:00am)

The Triangle is home to one of the nation's most vital-and legendary-music scenes. Even without the high profile of the early 1990s, the area is home to a slew of venues and dozens of bands. It's exactly the sort of scene you'd expect from an area with three major universities. Except those on the scene say students are a rare sight. With apologies to Milton Babbitt, here are some of the people who do care if you're listening.

modern skirts

(01/29/09 9:00am)

The world needs more pop bands with senses of humor. This is the genius of Of Montreal-the songs are eminently hummable and catchy, but the words and melodies are snarky and humorous. But Kevin Barnes is just too weird-or too naked-for some people. Perhaps fellow Athens, Ga. cohort Modern Skirts are a better fit for those people.