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A PSA to first-years

(08/30/17 4:00am)

PSA to first-years: one of the items on the Chronicle's 101 things to before you graduate is "go to the activities fair as a freshman, sign-up for 10+ clubs, and get spammed with emails for the next four years." The activities fair is today. Go out on the quad and enjoy all the resources that will only be available to you for four years.

To the sorority girl(s) I never talked to

(04/25/17 5:55am)

First off, I apologize for referring to you as a "sorority girl." Even given what I'm about to write below, I recognize that you already deal enough with the negative stereotypes associated with Greek life, and I’d like not to contribute to them. What I’m about to write may not even apply to you. However, I've also learned that clickbait titles are, well, clickbait, so bear with me here.

Too much empathy?

(11/15/16 5:05pm)

A mannequin of Donald Trump with the head ripped off. Collective screams of "F*** Donald Trump" on the quad at 1 a.m. The "crying party" on the third floor of the Sanford building during the watch party. People running down the hall in my room in despair. Rumors that people were drinking their denial of the election results away.

Math: where's the love?

(10/18/16 3:36pm)

If there is any subject that's uniquely and unfairly stigmatized at Duke, it's math. I've heard the phrase "I hate math" more than I've heard "I hate philosophy" or even "I hate organic chemistry." And even if the problem stems from the general K-12 attitudes towards math education in America before, but I'd argue that Duke's math department only compounds the problem.