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The children's strike against the end of the world

(09/26/19 4:00am)

This weekend I did what I do best. I watched the global climate strike from the apathy of my phone screen. I woke up on Friday morning and lay in bed, brain hazy with sleep. I fixed a dead stare at my Instagram feed, as I do most mornings, and scrolled to infinity until I felt tired again. The strike was everywhere. Protestors waved funny signs that were actually terrifying and apocalyptic: “The Planet Is Hotter Than Shawn Mendes,” “Don’t Mine Coal, Minecraft,” “Too Bee Or Not To Bee, That Is The Question.” Hashtag #climatestrike. Greta Thunberg. Greta Thunberg. Greta Thunberg. 

Tea Time: Is there something wrong with me if I’m not passionate about anything?

(09/18/19 8:33pm)

I have a huge secret, and it makes me feel so out of place here. I’m not passionate about anything!! I mean, I like things. I enjoy my classes and extracurricular activities. I like hanging with my friends. But I don’t have a driving passion. I hate the question “what are you passionate about?” because it makes me feel like I’m the only person who feels this way. I have to act like someone I’m not to answer. Is something wrong with me? Do I deserve to be here? Am I completely abnormal?

In on the joke: The politics of late night comedy

(09/11/19 4:00am)

I remember New York City being bone-cold the March of my freshman year. I was standing in line for a live taping of “Late Night with Stephen Colbert.” It was Winter Storm Stella that March, and I huddled outside with strangers to keep warm before the show started. A Californian in New York, braving a storm to see Stephen Colbert in the flesh. 

The politics of apolitics

(09/04/19 4:00am)

Last month, when I decided that I wanted to learn about the upcoming presidential election, I did what I thought my politically conscious friends would tell me to do—re-download Twitter, unfollow Kim Kardashian and find a few senators, a few journalists, a few left-wing news publications and all twenty-something candidates that were running at the time. For good measure, I followed Trump and Fox News. In about 20 minutes, I compiled a stream of tweets that seemed educational at first but quickly turned into a firehose of opinions. So I stopped checking Twitter for a few days. 

Submit a question to Recess' new advice column, Tea Time

(07/31/19 4:02am)

Here at Recess, we understand that life can throw us curveballs, from break-ups to workplace dramas and everything in between. Sometimes, life's most gnawing questions aren't easily posed to friends or family — which is where Tea Time with Alice comes in. Alice is here to answer your inquiries, ease your woes and provide you with the insight only a Duke student could. And, because this is the arts and culture section of The Chronicle, she'll use the unique approach of hashing out your issues from the perspective of a pop culture lover. As the saying goes: What would Elle Woods do?