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Childish Gambino preaches self-love on the triumphant ‘3.15.2020’

(03/31/20 6:05pm)

On “Baby Boy,” the thematic climax of Childish Gambino’s 2016 album “Awaken, My Love!,” Donald Glover speaks directly to his then-newborn son. He gives his child the same advice his father once gave him: “Walk tall, little one, walk tall.” After nine tracks of hazy fear, finally contextualized by the anxiety of bringing his son into a world of violence and hate, Glover arrives at this sentiment of pride and self-love as an answer.

Letter: 'He was infinite': Friend honors Raj Mehta

(03/31/20 5:58pm)

When we need them most, words always fail us. When we intend them to provide comfort in moments of anguish, they never seem adequate. As I try to describe the infinite personality of Raj Mehta, words fail to represent even a fraction of his presence in the lives of all his friends and family. His smile stretched between the stars; his laughter made the ground tremble; his creativity and enthusiasm were boundless. Raj’s humanity was so vibrant that, by simply being around him, you felt your own passions roar within your soul. You felt that no matter the path he chose in life, the grace and patience with which he approached any difficulty made his success inevitable. Cynicism evaporated when you were with him: if society was gifted with such caring and intelligent man, how could anyone deny a promising future for us all? 

Cancel culture has gone too far

(04/02/20 4:00am)

First Aziz Ansari, then James Charles and now the American university system. It seems that liberals are unfazed in their attempt to silence all that dare share any idea that doesn’t conform to their narrow set of politically correct principles. Over the past few weeks, I’ve grown increasingly concerned about online outrage and its demands that everyone think and act in the same liberal way. Given that Duke has moved to “cancel in-person undergraduate classes for [the] remainder of Spring semester,” it’s clear that cancel culture on college campuses has gone too far.

P-Frosh should drink alone to replicate New Devil Days experience

(04/01/20 4:00am)

Who among us seasoned Duke students doesn’t look fondly back upon their New Devil Days experience? Well, some of us weren’t actually there. But! For the rest of us, few Duke memories are as sweet as that weekend, so filled with anxious smiles shyly budding with the spring blossoms, names exchanged with all the hopeful reticence of new lovers, roommates carefully selected with the rich subtlety and depth of whatever internalized biases you happened to hold. 

Why my thongs are essential items

(04/01/20 4:00am)

Just a few weeks ago, Duke let us know that we wouldn’t be allowed to enter our dorms and retrieve our stuff, opting instead to make an aspirational promise: to ship us our “essential items.” To add insult to injury, they decided to consider negative three things “essential items.” So in addition to not being able to finish out our time at Duke this year, all of our underwear is trapped on campus.

Letter: Remembering Raj: Talent, energy, compassion for all

(03/30/20 9:51pm)

I want Raj to be remembered by the way he lived and not by the way he died. Raj was such an incredible person, and I am so thankful to have known him and I will always cherish the time we spent together. He was always better with words than me, so I'm trying to do him justice now. I will miss his laugh and his smile so much. His laugh would literally fill a room, and I couldn't help but smile when he did. No one had more energy than Raj and no one could hype a group up like him. He was the brightest person in every room. He was social and good with people, and he made everyone around him happier. 

Letter: Remembering Raj Mehta, sending love to his family

(03/30/20 6:55pm)

This took me by shock, as I imagine it did for everyone who knew Raj. With tears genuinely streaming as I type this, I am reminded how fragile life is, and how often it is those people that we least expect who are suffering the most. Raj was accepted to participate in our DukeEngage Detroit program this summer (although with all the COVID-19 things happening, we haven’t been sure if it is going to take place). Raj was truly one of my favorite students of the 50 that we interviewed; and I was so glad that he was going to be a part of our cohort. He had such a bright smile, kind soul and was full of life. Raj was friends with many of our past participants who considered him a dear friend, and had even spent time with some of them in the city at some point. Raj, you will remain missed by so many in this community and beyond. Sending love to you, your family, your peers, your friends.

COVID-19 has changed everything—including our sex lives

(03/31/20 4:00am)

Over the last few weeks, our lives have completely shifted. Duke students are spread all over the world, our communication with people (besides the guy at the Food Lion register) has been almost exclusively virtual, and we should all be staying home unless it’s absolutely necessary to leave. And, even though there are a lot of high-stakes, serious things going on, I still wouldn’t call you selfish for thinking: “What about my sex/romantic life?”