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Photos: A quiet campus on an unusual LDOC

(04/29/20 2:34am)

Students would usually crowd Abele Quad on the last day of classes, celebrating and preparing for the annual LDOC concert. This year, with classes moved online and few students still on campus, the quad was quiet. On a day featuring a variety of virtual celebrations, staff reporter Lara Hansen photographed the place where in-person festivities are held in more normal years.

Radiohead's Ed O’Brien seeks euphoria on debut solo album ‘Earth’

(04/27/20 9:04pm)

Radiohead shows are an emotional rollercoaster, to say the least. Much of the legendary alternative band’s music is dark and hauntingly somber. The rest is urgently anxious, save for an uplifting moment or two on “In Rainbows.” All of this weight is felt at a Radiohead concert, yet people everywhere are dancing. There’s a spirit to this group’s music that, especially live, is undeniable.

The quarantined lives of Duke celebs

(04/27/20 9:19pm)

With nothing happening on campus, The Chronicle is getting absolutely desperate for content. In the spirit of all the celebrity quarantine interviews, The Chronicle wanted a piece on the quarantined lives of Duke admins and celebs. And so, as an expert reporter for the Chronicle, I was assigned to write this stupid ass puff piece for my last satirical article as Monday Monday. 

Editor’s note: Why we created the wealth gap series

(04/27/20 5:22am)

Part of our mission at The Chronicle is to bring awareness to issues important to the student body. This effort includes better representing marginalized communities on campus, a goal that gave rise to and guided the wealth gap series. In five news stories and one column, released between today and Thursday, we hope to highlight specific challenges related to wealth that many low-income students face, as well as the student body’s relationship to money and resources.