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Identity and African attire: Duke students reflect on cultural fashion

(12/06/19 5:03am)

Every year, excited students arrive on Duke’s campus carrying luggage, boxes and many other personal items. Some are seen clutching teddy bears from childhood. Others are being dropped off by emotional parents. Excitement, worry, anxiety and all the other complex emotions that come with migration are palpable.

Season three of ‘The Crown’ strikes a perfect blend of old and new

(12/08/19 5:00am)

I avoided watching Netflix’s latest season of “The Crown,” released Nov. 17  — not only so I could binge it over Thanksgiving break, but also because I was apprehensive about the major changes made to the cast of the Queen Elizabeth biopic series as it moved into a new era. I saw enough Twitter headlines either praising or denouncing the cast replacement to incite a wary hesitation, but I pushed through the influence of those reviews because I enjoyed the first two seasons so much.

Beyond the arc: Veterans and newbies alike propel Duke men's basketball to win against Michigan State

(12/04/19 10:10pm)

Duke finally got its revenge on Michigan State with a commanding 87-75 victory on the road Tuesday night. The unexpected dominance in the Blue Devils' first true road test gives us plenty to talk about, from tipoff to the final buzzer. So, the Blue Zone gives you three key takeaways and three statistics from Tuesday's win:

‘Celebrating Queerness in Modern Turkey’ brings drag to campus

(12/04/19 8:01pm)

Amid exams and final papers, Duke still has something to celebrate this week. From Wednesday, Dec. 4 to Friday, Dec. 6, “Celebrating Queerness in Modern Turkey” is bringing Istanbul-based queer artists-in-residence Madir Öktis, Ceytengri and Lütfi Urfali to campus for a discussion panel on Wednesday, a drag workshop and show on Friday and class visits throughout the week. 

Blind spots

(12/05/19 5:00am)

What does it mean to see structure and how are we blind to it? Sometimes I feel like all my schooling has been aimed at recognizing and identifying my own blind spots. Racism, elitism, and privilege seem to underlie most of my humanities papers or class discussions.  

Your essential Bon Appétit reading list

(12/05/19 5:00am)

For essentially all of 2019, I have been straight-up not having a good time. It seems everyone I care about has been hurting at some point, in more ways than I can list in this column. After my two best friends and I all lost a grandmother in the span of ten days, we half-jokingly began typing up a Google Doc to record the year’s catastrophes. The file is entitled “2019 curse” and is now three pages, single spaced. This year has simply not been an easy one.

Coldplay undergoes creative resurrection on ‘Everyday Life’

(12/03/19 10:22pm)

Coldplay’s first two albums played constantly in my dad’s car when I was a kid. I learned every corner of the simple, lovesick anthems that made up “Parachutes” and “A Rush of Blood to the Head,” and they filled me with wonder and warmth. As I matured, so did Coldplay, with the growing pains of the bloated but earnest “X&Y” and the passionate and entrancing atmosphere of “Viva La Vida or “Death and All His Friends.” 

Getting lost in the free sauce

(12/04/19 5:00am)

While having coffee with a friend at the dining hall, she mentioned that she needed to buy milk for her apartment. I instinctively suggested she ask for an extra cup with her drink and fill it with milk to-go, rather than waste time shopping at Harris Teeter. Then when the milk pitcher at the side-bar ran out mid-pour, we asked the worker to refill it, leading him to believe that it was for our coffee. While I initially thought the transgression was harmless, I began to wonder... Did I just steal from West Union? Where does one draw the line?