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Letter: John Burness' legacy of education

(12/22/22 6:16pm)

It’s rare for a journalist to admire a public-relations person. You always suspect they’re just there to lie to you. A student journalist, racked by the insecurity of the novice, can (and maybe should) be especially wary. So it’s a testament to how special John Burness was that he won the respect of The Chronicle’s student staff year after year. As a former editor of the paper, a professional journalist, and a member of the Duke and Durham communities, I deeply mourn his death on Dec. 19.

Remembering Karen Blumenthal: 'A counselor and guide'

(05/28/20 4:00am)

I first met Karen Blumenthal when I was a reporter at The Chronicle and she was a member of the Duke Student Publishing Company board. Like a lot of people, I was initially intimidated by her; if I had to measure up to her, I was never going to make it in journalism. Also like a lot of people, I came to adore her, and she became my most important mentor. (I long ago gave up on measuring up to her.)

A former Chronicle Editor tells us why the lacrosse case should have been #1

(01/04/10 7:55am)

I’ve had a few experiences in the few months since graduating that have made me feel pretty old. One was seeing wasted frosh gathering to go to Tailgate and being appalled. The second was this week, when I saw that Chronicle editors deemed the financial crisis the biggest story of the decade, over even the Duke lacrosse case.

Live: Bill Frisell and Greg Leisz, Carolina Student Union, 3/22/09

(03/23/09 11:36pm)

Bill Frisell, a jazz-and-other-things guitarist, plays deceptively complicated music--on the surface, it sounds sonorous, melodic and pastoral, perhaps even facile. Seeing him live helps to dispel that, particularly in a small formats. His whole arsenal of tricks--from tritone subs to harmonics to bluegrass pyrotechnics were on display for his duo with pedal steel guitarist Greg Leisz last night.

Who needs new music?

(12/02/08 12:26am)

There's been a small flurry of items in the media about the 40th anniversary of the release of The Beatles (better known as the White Album) in November 1968. Whilst at home and headed to arguably the worst bar in Akron, Ohio (no small feat!) I heard a bit of this NPR documentary, with track-by-track analysis--it's long, but worth the time. It inspired me to listen to the whole album, all four sides, a couple times through.

Performances Anxiety: DP's free tickets memo

(11/25/08 5:02am)

Ladies and germs, here's a preview of an article that will be running in tomorrow's Chronicle about Duke Performances. DP has offered free tickets for several recent shows; officials are citing an overbooked season, entertainment fatigue after the presidential election and lots of local options as reasons for slow sales. For the full scoop, read tomorrow's paper. In the meantime, here's DP Marketing Director Ken Rumble's Nov. 17 e-mail to DP patrons offering the free tickets:

DPAC Ribbon-Cutting: Time machine required?

(11/24/08 5:42am)

Perhaps, dear reader, you read about the new Durham Performing Arts Center in this week's issue of recess. We received a release from the city of Durham late last week announcing an open house and ribbon-cutting ceremony the afternoon of Monday, Dec. 1. The assiduous reader will recall that there's a concert by blues legend B.B. King the previous night; recess doesn't understand how you can cut the ribbon for the center after the fact. Two theories: (1) DPAC has a time machine. Perhaps they scoped out the site using this machine, failing to notice that in the present day, there's a jail next day. (2) They're just going to ask people to be very gingerly and limbo under the ribbons Sunday night.