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‘Farewell Amor’ investigates the impact of family separation

(02/24/20 5:00am)

Standing open-armed in the JFK airport, Angolan immigrant Walter is reunited with his family after 17 years of separation. After such a long time apart, they have become strangers to each other, each learning to cope and adapt to the distance. “Farewell Amor,” the debut film of writer and director Ekwa Msangi, authentically captures the consequences of such a separation, one that tears apart the foundation of a family. 

The Strokes’ new single presents a promising start to their newest album

(02/19/20 3:01pm)

On Feb. 10, at the Bernie Sanders rally in New Hampshire, The Strokes announced the upcoming (April 10, to be exact) arrival of their newest album, “The New Abnormal,” and the release of a new single, “At the Door.” This is following their 2016 EP “Future Past Present” and their 2013 album “Comedown Machine.”

Sundance 2020: A conversation with the director and stars of ‘Luxor’

(02/08/20 5:00am)

Filmmaker Zeina Durra returned to Sundance this year with her newest film “Luxor,” starring  Andrea Riseborough and Karim Saleh. Set in Luxor, Egypt, the film chronicles the trauma of  Riseborough’s character, Hana, who is struggling to grapple with her past as a U.K. aid worker. As she rekindles her love with Saleh’s character, Sultan, and explores the city filled with forgotten memories, Hana begins to heal and process her experiences. 

‘Uncut Gems’ breathes new life into Adam Sandler’s acting career

(01/09/20 5:03am)

Adam Sandler is notorious for starring in bad films. From “Jack and Jill” to “Grown Ups,” it seems as though Sandler’s characters play into a modern form of slapstick comedy and poorly-done antics that almost never quite succeed. Rarely, in the past two decades of Sandler films, have audiences found a standout piece, one that shows the possibilities and depth of Sandler’s acting career. This year, with the release of “Uncut Gems,” Sandler has begun to show a new side of his career.

On the mystery of Agatha Christie and reshaping childhood heroes

(11/24/19 5:01am)

My house is filled with books. Bookshelves on bookshelves, stacks on stacks, basically every corner of the house stuffed to the brim with all the stories I grew up with. Yet my favorites were always the mysteries, enthralled by the unpredictability and terrifying plots with classic detective characters. From an early age, I was drawn to the shelves filled with my mom’s old “Nancy Drew” collection, our countless copies of “Sherlock Holmes,” and my personal favorite, Agatha Christie.

It’s time for the music industry to have a feminist revolution

(10/24/19 1:21am)

Over the last few years, the #MeToo movement — an international movement against sexual assault and harassment, born out of the Harvey Weinstein exposé and the abuse of an Olympic team coach — has made an evident impact on the film industry, working to root out the most dangerous in this creative realm. Intertwined with this movement and other social media based causes, cancel culture has provided a means to limit and control the influence of sexual abusers and other forms of assault on human rights.

Setting a new ‘baseline’

(10/10/19 4:00am)

Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend who asked if her baseline mental health was abnormal. This word “baseline” stood out to me. A baseline seems to me to be something so foundational to identity, a requirement for daily survival. It is the normal, the unaltered state of existence you occupy. And when this baseline is out of whack, it impacts every waking moment of your life.

Keke Palmer opens NCCU lecture series with reflections on her career

(09/29/19 4:02am)

When Keke Palmer walked onto the stage at NCCU’s Rock the Lyceum lecture series, her energy was magnetic. The audience was immediately drawn in by her confidence and relaxed demeanor — quite literally, people inched forward in their seats. And judging by the mob of people within the small theater and huddled outside, she knew how to attract a crowd.

The Triangle music scene: A comprehensive guide to local concert venues

(09/20/19 4:00am)

As a rapidly-growing area, the Triangle has seen an influx in its music scene over the past 20 years. Many new venues have popped up, offering audiences unique musical experiences suited to their tastes. Even the variety of artists has changed, with smaller indie bands finding a place in the Triangle music scene. Below are some of the best ones to check out for music lovers and concert-goers alike:

The awkward perfection of Netflix’s ‘Derry Girls’

(08/30/19 4:03am)

When “Derry Girls” first came out in 2018, I immediately binged the first season, enthralled by awkward and absurd lead actors finding themselves in the most ridiculous situations. To me, each half-hour episode captured a unique part of the teenage experience, particularly one wrought with the background violence of war and division. 

'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' reimagines Hollywood at the close of the '60s

(08/07/19 4:02am)

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” the latest film from writer and director Quentin Tarantino, premiered in July. The movie follows Rick Dalton (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) as he navigates the ups and downs of a Hollywood career in 1969, as well as the looming presence of the Manson Family cult in Los Angeles. Editor Nina Wilder and Campus Arts Editor Kerry Rork chatted about their thoughts on Tarantino’s new film and the events that inspired it. Warning: spoilers below.

Paul McCartney transforms Dodger Stadium for last performance of Freshen Up Tour

(08/04/19 4:02am)

Paul McCartney has always known how to put on a show. Within seconds of one of his concerts, the crowd is hooked, overwhelmed with the satisfaction of nostalgia as memories of The Beatles rise to the surface. This feel-good sentimentality is arguably the reason that, to this day, McCartney is able to sell out stadiums that Taylor Swift would struggle to fill.

How ‘Psycho’ transformed both the film industry and the horror genre

(06/05/19 4:02am)

Imagine the date is June 16, 1960 — the premiere of Alfred Hitchcock’s newest  film, “Psycho.” You are sitting in a crowded theater, filled with bated breath and tense muscles. A shadow approaches Marion Crane’s shower curtain, a barely visible human form with an arm slightly raised. The music builds. The shower curtain is suddenly ripped to the side. The audience hears Crane’s screams as a knife swings down from the ominous figure. And Crane is brutally murdered, the water from the shower still rushing down the drain with her blood. 

'The religious heart of France': Duke professors react to Notre-Dame burning

(04/24/19 4:00am)

Built in a French Gothic style and consecrated to the Virgin Mary, the Notre-Dame Cathedral was completed in 1345. This cathedral has survived the scenes of battles like during the French Revolution, inspired novels like Victor Hugo’s "Hunchback of Notre-Dame" and galvanized religious individuals for centuries. It houses Christian relics, ranging from Jesus Christ’s crown of thorns to the Tunic of St. Louis, making it a pilgrimage site for devout believers and history scholars. From its innovative style to its religious iconography, people around the world have celebrated this building for its religious, cultural and artistic significance.