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(04/23/07 4:00am)

For the last two years it has been my honor to write for our campus paper. From the beginning, this column, along with my political activism, has made me a controversial figure. As a deeply committed conservative who considers it his responsibility to do battle with the left, this is not in the least surprising.


(09/25/06 4:00am)

"You're a racist." She spat out the words with a loud, gleeful disdain, making sure everyone around was aware of her discovery. "I am?" I wasn't surprised by her accusation. It had already come to my attention that this had been a favorite topic of hers. This was just the first time she gave me the courtesy of saying it to my face.


(08/28/06 4:00am)

The more information that surfaces the more apparent it becomes to fair-minded observers that our lacrosse team was railroaded and that three of our fellow students are being put on trial not because of evidence but because of a DA's incompetence and malice.

Students for Academic Freedom

(03/29/06 5:00am)

It is with great enthusiasm that the Duke Chapter of Students for Academic Freedom announces its endorsements for several stellar candidates for Duke Student Government. These individuals are all exceptional in their passion, dedication and talent and bring platforms and agendas committed to serving the interests of each and every student on this campus. The candidates we have chosen to endorse possess both tremendous ideas and character.


(02/22/06 5:00am)

A large number of Duke professors have disregarded the basic tenets of academic freedom and abandoned their professional obligations. They indoctrinate students in their personal ideologies and prejudices and in so doing betray the very people who are supposed to be their paramount concern.