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Dissent at the School of Medicine

(10/28/04 4:00am)

So we had a little get together at the School of Medicine Oct. 25, and things got testy. I’m happy to report that no one was injured, though free speech was given a smack across the face and a kick in the pants. You see, the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine sponsored a luncheon, at which Dr. Susanna Walsh, professor at Boston University School of Medicine spoke about alternatives to animal use in medical school training. She is a practicing obstetrician, and she gave a 30-minute talk that cited a number of recent scientific studies that indicate using live animals is inferior to newly developed computer simulations in training medical students. Sounds pretty radical, huh?

Goodnight, sweet princess

(10/14/04 4:00am)

It is a hard thing to watch your friend fade away. It is the hardest thing I can imagine—to see day by day as she slips from the world of the living into the long night of silence. She is still with me now, at my side, but I know beyond doubt that she is losing her battle with cancer and old age. Her 15th birthday is coming up next month, and I know that we will not see her 16th together. Sofia, my beautiful brown puppy turned beautiful gray dog—where has the time gone?

Mr. Brodhead, tear down the wall

(09/30/04 4:00am)

So I’ve been told I have the habit of beating horses until they are dead, and then even some after that. This is unfortunate, since we vegans are supposed to leave the horse beating to other people. And I’ve been beating my latest horse in order to save the pigs that are killed over at the Duke School of Medicine, but this week I’m not going to talk about that. Really. I promise to not even mention either killing or pigs or how Duke should be above all that.