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Lord of the devils

(03/06/13 10:57am)

I walked into my organic chemistry course freshman year. To the right I saw kids who were already on chapter three of the textbook, and to the left I saw the kids who were still wondering where they should buy said textbook. And I thought to myself, why do shows like “Lost” take place on deserted islands? They should just come to Duke.

Why we should date

(02/20/13 10:23am)

Alex was a pretty cool guy. He liked watching basketball and like me, was a Heat fan. The first time we hung out, we were at a club in South Beach with some friends; everything was going well until some random guy asked me to dance with him. All I can remember now is the horrified look on Alex’s face as I turned away to walk with this guy to the dance floor. That’s when I learned the first rule about dating: Don’t leave your date to dance with someone else.

Item four: Learn the meaning of Crazie

(02/08/13 9:50am)

Nothing’s more amusing than watching a stranger’s face as you explain to him or her that you currently live in a tent. Many of these strangers are from far off lands and often stay in herds as they explore an unknown territory with the help of a “tour guide.” These people are probably relieved that the safety of the herd protects them from an unpredictable and often hostile species, the Crazies.

Vend for vendetta

(10/20/11 9:00am)

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a vending machine deny you a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. On a Saturday night. On a Saturday night where, rather than slaving over a paper, you could be frolicking around celebrating your freedom. Instead, you find yourself crawling around on the floor, searching for your dignity.

Ripe to rebel

(10/06/11 9:00am)

“What does protest look like at Duke?” This was a question posed by my English teacher in class one day. At first, my mind drew a blank as I struggled to recollect images of students with picket signs marching in front of the Chapel. When no specific instances sprang to mind, I concluded that protest, as I understood it, is not currently active here.