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Update on The Chronicle's commitment to diversity, inclusion and representative coverage

(02/17/21 7:32am)

Last June, The Chronicle made a commitment to promoting racial justice within the Duke community. The commitment was based on the idea of using student journalism as a platform to lift up marginalized voices. In particular, we pledged to “undertake a long-term and sustained effort” to ensure Black students and stories are heard. As we work toward achieving these goals, we would like to provide an update about our ongoing efforts regarding diversity and inclusion and encourage comments and suggestions from our readers.

Editor’s note: Why we created the wealth gap series

(04/27/20 5:22am)

Part of our mission at The Chronicle is to bring awareness to issues important to the student body. This effort includes better representing marginalized communities on campus, a goal that gave rise to and guided the wealth gap series. In five news stories and one column, released between today and Thursday, we hope to highlight specific challenges related to wealth that many low-income students face, as well as the student body’s relationship to money and resources.

The wealth gap at Duke: Share your experience with The Chronicle

(01/27/20 4:05am)

The wealth inequality among Duke students is a well-documented phenomenon, from the voices of students to the New York Times income analysis. The Times study found that 19% of Duke students are from the top one percent, meaning the family income of these students are at least $630,000. On the other hand, about 17% of students are in the bottom 20%, with family incomes of under $65,000.

Have questions about proposed Durham-Orange light rail? We have you covered

(12/24/18 5:45am)

The Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit project plans to connect Durham and Orange Counties with a 17.7-mile light rail line that has 19 stations, including University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Hospitals, Duke Medical Center and North Carolina Central University. The Chronicle has compiled this guide to answer some burning questions you might have about the proposed project.