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It is a privilege to put your political differences aside

(04/02/21 4:32pm)

It is no secret that our nation is deeply, corrosively divided. Many of us, including recent writers in this publication, have longed and called for unity, to bridge our divides and put aside partisanship. While the basic premises of such articles may be correct, I believe the conclusions they reach are not. To unite as a country and as a Duke community, we must probe deeper and understand that disagreeing about politics is not what divides us, nor will putting aside political differences be the solution. 

White people, this is our problem

(06/02/20 4:28am)

I have never believed myself to be racist. But I haven’t been anti-racist either. I began to understand this more fully when I attended a Durham for All webinar shortly after the killing of Ahmaud Arbery became public. A Black woman from Durham expressed with exasperation and passion how White people need to be fighting the way Black people have to for their lives if the system is going to change. 

I care about every issue. That's why I'm a single-issue voter.

(02/28/20 5:00am)

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend an institution like Duke. It is also incredibly easy to forget what is happening in other parts of the world: what we in Durham, and everyone everywhere, will soon feel too: the climate crisis. As Early Voting continues here at Duke and the Primary cycle takes over headlines, this crisis has to be by far the most important consideration when we cast our ballots.