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Where to go on Duke's campus when you are tired of Duke campus

(13 hours ago)

I am only three months into my time at Duke, yet already disillusioned with being on campus 24/7. Sure, the American gothic architecture remnant of castles makes going to class easier, but it is arguably natural to see the same scenery every day for months and start to feel  stuck, no matter where you are. With Duke’s parking passes that often put your car at a 10 minute walk from your dorm, I find that the C1 bus is the closest feeling I can get to going somewhere. Whilst hurtling from east campus to west campus, I can imagine I am headed to a glorious mountain weekend or beach sunset or better still, on a tour bus in the countryside of France. All it takes is one unheeded speed bump to jerk me back to my reality of riding down Campus Drive for the fifth time that day. For times like these, when we are stuck here but tired of being here, I’ve curated a list of places to go on Duke campus when you’re tired of Duke campus.

No one at Duke knows the Grateful Dead

(10/28/21 4:00am)

“Does anyone listen to the Grateful Dead?” I was in my dorm’s study room or common room when I asked this question—my memory evades me—but either way know there was a good number of people around. I was met with blank stares. So, I started asking almost anyone I met if they knew who the Grateful Dead band was. The overwhelming majority had no clue and I slowly stopped being surprised. 

How to play tennis

(09/23/21 4:00am)

If my burnt-out-by-age-15 competitive tennis career taught me anything, it was to always put the ball in the other person’s court. I vividly remember sweltering South Carolina days with my Pitbull (Mr. Worldwide, not the dog) look-alike coach shouting this concept at me and eight other kids from the comfort of his courtside umpire chair. In theory, always putting the ball in the other person’s court with 100% success means that they will eventually lose. They will volley the ball into the net, overhit the ball and send it hurdling over the back fence or miss the ball completely. You are sure to win.