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Ok millennial

(11/25/19 5:00am)

Anybody who has spent at least a few hours on the Internet in the last few weeks has witnessed the speedy ascent of the meme ‘OK Boomer,’ which even has its own Wikipedia page now. If you have been living under a rock, the phrase is typically used as a response by younger internet users to older Baby Boomers who engage in some form of stereotypically ‘Boomer’ behavior, or advocate for a certain set of politics that younger people have deemed as unacceptable.

The myth of the marginalized conservative

(10/14/19 4:00am)

It’s not an uncommon experience to hear Duke students who are politically right-of-center to claim that they’re marginalized on campus and  that they face discrimination  for their set of beliefs. This perception, you will notice, often manifests as excuses for students to hide their viewpoints in academic or social settings. It is my view that, more often than not, these fears are mired in tales of hyperbole and unrealistic expectations. This isn’t to say that Duke is perfect, but rather to encourage intellectual minorities to feel less apprehensive about expressing their views.

American student loans

(09/30/19 4:00am)

In the recent Democratic presidential debate, Senator Elizabeth Warren reflected the concerns of millions of Americans, Republicans and Democrats, when she voiced her plan to cancel student debt for 95 percent  of Americans. As the student loan bubble becomes increasingly large, the nitty gritty of the policy surrounding government loans moves further into the sphere of mainstream political discourse.

Bring back the history of economic thought

(09/20/19 4:00am)

Any attempt to engage in academic discourse with students of economics or political economy will often reveal an inability for these students to intellectually contextualize their arguments. Rather than embracing flirtations with heterodox economic schools, most students will find themselves reverting to very orthodox classroom arguments, without knowing why what their professors teach them is correct. 

Rethinking the Duke smoking ban

(09/03/19 4:00am)

A few days ago, I was with some friends who were enjoying cigarettes on campus, before a gentleman stopped us to inform these smokers that smoking was “illegal” on Duke’s campus. Notwithstanding the falsity of his statement, the incident got me thinking more broadly about the incoming smoking ban on Duke’s campus, and perhaps why Duke should take a step back and reconsider its efforts.