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(04/14/16 7:53am)

Many people think that existentialism doesn’t accord meaning to anything. This isn’t quite true. Existentialism just says that nothing has inherent meaning. People give meanings to many things—sounds, objects, colors, and especially other people. The entire world is dripping with this intangible importance—thanks to what our mom and dad told us about this or that, or just because something has always made us feel a certain way. For the existentialist, there is nothing sacred about these perceptions. Everything, even the base of society itself, can be broken down, reassembled, and made to mean something new. How exactly you do this, however, is an open question.

New life as a Blue Devil, Part I

(11/17/14 11:30am)

When pre-frosh visit Duke for Blue Devil Days, they learns a lot about Duke—perhaps, for instance, that there are parties all the time and there is a bar called Shooters right off of East Campus. But when they finally come as students, they learn that something comes before the “play hard” in Duke’s motto—“work hard.” So the students study, and they study, and they study.