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Column: Blame Syria!

(04/15/03 4:00am)

Three cheers for the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, who made quick work of Iraq and have brought an end to the regime of Saddam Hussein. As more information creeps out from the front, we find out about the atrocities of Hussein's government: oppression, torture and massacre. In a New York Times guest column, a CNN news director wrote about some of the stories that CNN could not tell over the past decade because reporting the story would have resulted in the swift torture or murder of the source, and likely the source's family.

Column: Duke's 'Three Stooges'

(04/04/03 5:00am)

Tom Wolfe wrote an essay called, "My Three Stooges", a response to three American authors who had criticized A Man in Full. With apologies to Wolfe, I introduce Duke's Three Stooges: Hubris, Misinformation and Inappropriateness - all were present at Wednesday's Duke Student Government meeting in the form of DSG president Joshua Jean-Baptiste, Spectrum president Polentzi Narvarte and student leader Yousuf Al-Bulushi.

Mendes brings stage life to Hollywood

(07/31/02 4:00am)

____simple_html_dom__voku__html_wrapper____>What sets Road to Perdition director Sam Mendes apart from his contemporary up-and-coming filmmakers is his ability to tackle every scene as though it were a single moment of a very expensive play. Mendes became a Hollywood darling after winning an Oscar for his first film, American Beauty, and it1s not clear if Hollywood realizes what it has

And the Barna Goes to...

(04/18/02 4:00am)

My happy one-year stint as film editor has come to its natural end, and I stuck it out the whole year (despite the crop of lousy films) observing two trends in American cinema. First, America is still producing good films, but does so as some kind of penance for the copiousness of crap it provides (like Catholic confession--recite one In the Bedroom for every three Resident Evils).

All in the Family

(04/11/02 4:00am)

MTV's behind-the-scenes docu-sitcom, The Osbournes, is making a toilet-splash with its portrayal of legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his misfit family--and television copycats are sure to follow. If we had it our way, here's what you could look forward to in the months to come:

Death to Williams!

(04/04/02 5:00am)

n the miserable Death to Smoochy, Robin Williams plays a gutter-talking, over-written former children's television show host trying to get his old job back. Every attempt at humor in the Danny DeVito-directed mess is played twice as loud as it needs to be and made three times as obvious. The results are bad jokes that are so powerful they mute the general comedic talents of Williams, the usually enjoyable Catherine Keener and the otherwise funny (for his honesty) Edward Norton.