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Recess reviews: 'Kimi no Na wa (Your Name)'

(04/19/17 4:00am)

There are certain things that you can only pull off in anime. Imagine if you saw a live-action actor or actress attempt some cheesy romantic line or some impassioned speech exaggerated to epic proportions—the audience would have a hard time taking any of that seriously. Anime, on the other hand, is able to illustrate its characters to go along with (often) unrealistic dialogue through exaggerated facial expressions, gestures and other 2D effects. Anime evokes a kind of emotional credibility because it is not part of our reality.

'Shelter' combines Japanese animation with American music and French lyrics

(10/26/16 4:00am)

"Shelter," a music video, animation piece and original song, is a collaboration between American music artist Porter Robinson, French songwriter Madeon and the Japanese animation studio A-1 pictures. It is a six minute long video that captures the story of a young girl, Rin, who lives in a virtual reality simulation created by her engineer father in an effort to help her escape the apocalypse.

Music Review: 'Curve of the Earth'

(01/21/16 5:35am)

The English indie rock band Mystery Jets recently released their fifth album, “Curve of the Earth,” a brutally poignant work in both melody and lyrics. Mystery Jets was formed by Henry Harrison, Blaine Harrison and William Rees—a combination of father, son and friend who formed the band when Blaine was just 12. Mystery Jets creates music that certainly does not lack in intensity and deeply metaphorical, and often angst-ridden, lyrics.

Music Review: Mutant

(12/03/15 7:47am)

Alejandro Ghersi, better known as the electronic music producer Arca, recently released his second studio album Mutant, representing a wide range of experimental electronic elements across the songs. Ghersi’s music incorporates an almost jagged-like quality, particularly noticeable in the song “Mutant.” Few notes hold complete consistency, instead opting for a constant vibrating status between two pitches. The tempo avoids the constant and expected changes that are iconic of classical and other types of music, instead choosing to fluctuate on Ghersi’s whim. However, the presence of almost haunting melodies seems to emerge from the incomprehensible clutter of sounds, hinting at a paradoxical order within disorder.

Q&A: Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead

(11/12/15 8:28am)

Lizz Winstead, co-creator of the Daily Show and its former head writer, is a comedian, blogger and founder of Lady Parts Justice, an organization that raises awareness of legislative attempts to block women's reproductive freedoms. She will perform at Cat's Cradle in Carrboro Nov. 20 at 8:30 p.m. The Chronicle's Lucy Zhang talked with Winstead about her career in comedy, cynicism in humor, politics and calling out the hypocrites.

'Reality of My Surroundings' exhibit highlights artists of African descent

(10/15/15 5:47am)

Right in the entrance of the Nasher's "Reality of My Surroundings" exhibition is an overwhelming exposure to sparkles and color. A viewer's eyes are immediately and inevitably drawn to artist Ebony G. Patterson's sparkling canvas, "...shortly after 8- beyond the bladez," on the left and Fahamu Pecou's "Nunna My Heroes After Barkley Hendricks' 'Icon for My Man Superman,'" depicting a confident black man wearing Superman's iconic suit on the right.