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Bring on the rain

(04/28/08 4:00am)

Not many people can say their most memorable sports experience occurred while sitting on the concrete floor of a field house restroom. The toilets at Koskinen Stadium, however, were exactly where I found myself on a stormy late-September night, when I leaned back against a clammy cinderblock wall, crossed my legs in front of me and began talking about cancer.

The taste of home

(10/25/07 4:00am)

Two five-gallon glass tanks rest in a closet under a hanging pair of black business suits and a collection of brightly colored Hawaiian shirts. Six-packs are stacked haphazardly around the closet door, dirty clothes are strewn over the floor and a road bike hangs on the opposite wall. The concealed space tucked away in the third-floor apartment on Watts Street would have been ideal for hiding alcohol during the Roaring 20s-a time when jazz music mingled with much-despised laws against manufacturing or distributing beer. But unless you live on East Campus, prohibition went out of fashion in the 1930s. And beer brew chefs Ben Haynes and Steve Worrell are certainly not running an Al Capone operation out of their two-bedroom apartment.