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Postpone faculty vote on curriculum review

(12/02/16 4:42pm)

On Wednesday, roughly 40 representatives from a variety of majors in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences met with Sociology professor Suzanne Shanahan, Duke Student Government President Tara Bansal and DSG Chief of Staff Kushal Kadakia to discuss the curriculum review. I was nominated by the Psychology department to attend the meeting. Although I consider myself a very informed Duke student, this my first first in depth exposure to the proposed sweeping curricular changes, on which the faculty will vote in February.

Hollaback! at rape culture

(03/18/15 9:09am)

Maybe you’ve been there. Have you ever walked down the street—or past a fraternity bench—and heard unwelcome, objectifying comments about your body? Have you heard sexist, homophobic or racist slurs that make you feel unsafe on campus? Have you been touched inappropriately at Shooters or at a party, ruining what should have been a fun night out with your friends?

Sex and the single story

(03/04/15 10:10am)

The first time I read Rolling Stone’s inflammatory article about the University of Virginia, something didn’t feel right to me. In the piece, a young woman alleged that she had been brutally gang raped at a fraternity party her freshman year and claimed that her peers and the administration had failed across the board to protect her.

Before you rush into anything

(01/07/15 10:02am)

In early December of my freshman year, I sat in Page Auditorium with several hundred other first-year women, listening to a presentation about sorority recruitment. Much to my surprise, after covering details about logistics and costs, the presenter soberly reminded us that we would be able to visit CAPS and speak to a counselor if we needed to during the process. I honestly thought she was joking. Mental help? Over a sorority?

Pride Weekend thoughts: time for a renovation

(09/29/14 8:05am)

On August 22, during a Divinity School orientation panel on diversity, Dean of the Divinity School Richard Hays asserted that “the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching” in response to a question about resources for LGBT students. Hays reminded students that the United Methodist Church, the Divinity School’s affiliated denomination, does not ordain homosexual clergy or recognize same-sex unions. In his subsequent “apology” letter, Hays accused critics of “gravely misinterpreting” what he had said, while continuing to stress the school’s connection to the United Methodist Church and its outdated teachings.