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Letter: Whitehorn's visit provides opportunity for dialogue

(01/23/03 5:00am)

The reactionary response of the Duke Conservative Union to Laura Whitehorn's invitation to speak at the University is hypocritical. This is an issue of freedom of speech, a freedom that conservatives love to support - except when they dislike the message. In a day when the word "terrorist" is thrown around to label anyone who is seen as slightly threatening, we should be mature enough to engage people with different perspectives instead of ignorantly dismissing them.

Column: Capitalism is not democracy

(10/24/02 4:00am)

Democracy is a funny word. It doesn't have a universal definition; rather it is defined by different groups of people for different interests. The U.S. government, for example, uses the word democracy to mean neoliberal economics. I would like to try to imagine a different definition toward a different end. Especially in a time of silencing dissent, it is imperative that we try to understand what the potential of working democratically for democracy is.

Column: War against terrorism wages on

(10/10/02 4:00am)

The war against terrorism has got to stop now. Every night I read the newspapers and see headlines screaming that the George W. Bush administration is finding new excuses to wage an all-out war and regime change in Iraq. Usually these headlines do not emphasize that this war is largely about oil interests. We need to look at the upcoming war on Iraq in its historical context.

Column: An unacceptable anti-union stance

(09/26/02 4:00am)

Duke University's anti-union stance is unacceptable. President Nan Keohane recently lifted the Mt. Olive Pickle Company boycott, refusing to support the union that farmworkers have chosen to represent themselves. This decision is a huge step backward for farmworkers in North Carolina and the United States as a whole. The issue is not pickles, but rather that farmworkers in fields less then 90 miles away from Duke are working in terrible conditions, getting paid horrendous wages and are treated with little to no respect by farmers, companies or even universities.

Rape's deeper problem

(09/12/02 4:00am)

This weekend I was hit hard by the rape of a friend. I awakened to the reality that my world had shifted. While I complained about the usual things, too much work, Duke's lifting of the Mt. Olive pickle boycott and not enough sleep, I began to reevaluate what was important. Seeing a community traumatized by violence against an amazing, strong woman shook my core. Through all of the pain and anger, I could feel an enormous amount of love emanating from many people. Friends, relatives and professors jumped in to help in any way possible. It was a beautiful and strengthening experience. This weekend, I began to change the way I value community and love.

University must face up to its racism

(08/29/02 4:00am)

Duke is one of America's most diverse universities. It has been priding itself on this concept of diversity and in the process has denied responsibility for how racist this University is. It's not that Duke doesn't subscribe to liberal views like affirmative action, multicultural programming and diversity. Those of us who have been here for more than a year can see these things visibly on campus. It is rather an ahistorical refusal to remember a racist past and acknowledge a racist present.

Guest Commentary: Community must address sexual assault

(02/15/02 5:00am)

More police at Duke will not make us safe. Offering $5,000 on the head of the man who committed a sexual assault crime will not make us safe either. As a woman on this campus, I have experienced the sexual assaults that have occurred recently on campus as a crime against not just these individual women, but against all women. I experience it, as I believe many other women on this campus do, as a crime against our community. I don't feel safe. I have had to face up to my intense fears.

Letter writer marks anniversary of abortion ruling

(01/22/02 5:00am)

Twenty-nine years ago today the Supreme Court legalized abortion in the United States in the landmark case Roe v. Wade. The court ruled that the constitutional right to privacy allows a woman to decide her own reproductive fate. This legalization led to a dramatic decline in the number of injuries and deaths of women resulting from dangerous back-alley abortions.

Speaker provided message on civil rights struggle

(12/05/01 5:00am)

We would like to thank the Black Student Alliance and the Women's Center for inviting speaker Elaine Brown to campus. It is a rare opportunity to interact with a historical figure who has had such an impact not only on the status of blacks but also on the very definition of social movements in America. Elaine Brown's struggles and accomplishments throughout the civil rights movement make her an extremely qualified speaker on both racism and feminism.