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Dance unites a jaded family in 'Dancing at Lughnasa'

(11/23/18 5:00am)

As the darkness lifts, seven frozen figures are revealed on a dimly lit stage. Their stagnant poses and stoic demeanors create a hazy atmosphere, pulling the audience into what seems to be a memory, or perhaps a dream. The spell-like ambiance is disrupted by a figure moving toward the audience, speaking in a deep Irish accent. This figure is our narrator, Michael, who explains that the scene the audience is about to enter is one of mixed emotions. A note of excitement accompanies the arrival of a radio in the mundane lives of a family of five unmarried sisters. Any uplifting sentiments, however, are shrouded in deep melancholy, as the sisters mourn the sickly return of their brother, Jack, from Africa and the unreliability of Gerry, Michael’s illegitimate father.

K-Ville residents express variety of reasons for tenting

(01/25/17 5:00am)

In the weeks leading up to the Duke vs. Carolina game, hundreds of Duke students forgo sleeping in their cozy dorm beds in favor of taking up residence in the tent village affectionately known as K-Ville. To an outsider, and even to some Duke students, such a sacrifice seems absurd. Yet to others, tenting is a small price to pay for the glory of experiencing the Carolina game in person. Who are the so-called “Crazies” that are willing to give up their valuable time to sit in K-Ville during the day and voluntarily wake up at all hours of the night for tent checks?

Dance department takes on 'Passion of Flamenco'

(01/21/16 5:34am)

Last Spring, Duke’s dance department kicked off the Passion of Flamenco, a year during which the department welcomed world-renowned artists to teach and perform for students. In 2016, Dickinson and the rest of the dance department with continue to promote the Spanish dance. The department will be bringing in world-renowned artists Belén Maya and Leonor Leal for visits this Spring, as well as dance company Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana.

Students write, direct, act, produce play in 24 hours

(10/01/15 7:02am)

A typical theater production starts with several days of tryouts, followed by weeks—sometimes even months—of rehearsal that culminates in a high-stress “tech week” and, finally, the production itself. Eschewing the drawn-out process, the Duke Asian American Theater group’s show Sept. 27 took less than 24 hours to produce and perform.

Ciompi Quartet commemorates 50th anniversary

(09/01/15 5:51am)

If you were a college student in 1965, you may have found yourself with a daisy chain on your head, a peace sign necklace on your chest and a counter-cultural rhythm in your heart. The year 1965 was saturated with political and cultural upheaval, but it was also a time of musical revolution. Bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were making their debuts just as Woodstock beckoned around the corner. The year was also significant in the history of music at Duke—amidst the tumult of rock and roll, a classical string quartet was born.