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The 'g word'

(05/05/16 10:50am)

The “g word” is an awfully scary one right about now. I find myself avoiding places where it may be mentioned such as emails from any sort of Duke authority and underclassmen whose first thoughts are to blurt out, “You g------- in a week, wow!" or "How does it all feel?” And, of course, the ominous Duke University Commencement website. 

On driving behind a truck

(04/20/15 8:21am)

There is nothing that terrifies me more than driving on the highway. Well actually there is one thing. Driving on the highway behind a truck. I question anyone who doesn’t become nervous when chugging ahead at eighty miles per hour with no ability to see what is in front of them apart from the back of an eighteen-wheeler. Now, of course, when driving behind a truck, I can see the world to the left and right of me, but what value is there in seeing the cars to the left speed pass me if I have no sense of where they are going or why?