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Trends: Gothic Scene

(01/30/03 5:00am)

Get your Red Bull ready: It's time to stay up way past your bedtime. Sure, you could be pulling an all-nighter at the library, but now it's time to party. Spring brings the best bashes, and your only excuse for going to bed early is if someone's in there with you. So wriggle into your favorite jeans and grab your fake I.D.: It's time to boldly go where the Recess crew has gone many, many times before - all along the Duke party scene. So check your closets, your liquor cabinets and your friends' away messages - here's the run-down of where to see the sunrise every Saturday:

Midnight Marauders

(11/07/02 5:00am)

My favorite dates are always with my partner in crime. We're not going out or anything, but our senses of humor match up like jeans and a good pair of Pumas. My partner in crime rarely comes to dinner with me. He hardly knows my friends. He barely knows my phone number. In fact, the only thing this guy really knows is what makes me laugh--fortunately, that's usually the only thing that matters.

Column: Shoes and boys

(09/27/02 4:00am)

I used to think that trends touched only shoes��stilettos for fall, Puma sneakers for winter and wooden wedge heels for spring. But now it seems the waves of fashion have washed up way past footwear--they've spilled into our love lives. With fall hosting a campus hook-up session, winter showing a settle-down season and May as the make-it-or-break it month, Duke's dating habits are as easy to spot as fashion fads. We already know the new Anne Taintor address books are hot. Now we need to know: Whose digits should we be scribbling into them?

Take This Quiz Or You Will Die

(09/19/02 4:00am)

At this point, it's almost cliché to sing the praises of The Sopranos. What can be said about the amazing, exciting show that hasn't been penned before by every major entertainment mag in the country? And while it would be fun to list our complaints, the truth is, we haven't got any. The season premiere of The Sopranos was fun, scary, sad and completely captivating. The Recess crew can't wait for episode number two, and we bet you at home feel the same way. That's why we've come up with the choose-your-own-Sopranos game. Select the fate of each character, stir in some homemade pasta sauce from Jersey, and bada-bing! Waiting for Sunday just got a little bit easier.