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SLG response to Duke admin

(08/31/22 2:23am)

On August 30th, leaders of the SLG community learned that our recruiting and interest processes would be prohibited for the year. Some SLGs did not even receive this news from administration directly, but through screenshots from others. We are therefore extremely disappointed by the lack of transparency and communication from administration regarding our processes. This decision came long after repeated approval and encouragement from HRL to plan a safe and fun recruitment this fall. SOFC and DSG also have made it clear that they were not informed of the status of recruitment and are now scrambling to help SLGs find solutions to allow our organizations to continue to exist. We are saddened to have to cancel our upcoming open house, scheduled for Sunday, especially since we had already gained approval for the event through Duke’s Event Services. We want to emphasize that this information should have been communicated to us months ago. Instead, we were caught completely by surprise, having already put time and care into planning our recruitment processes and aligning them with administration rules.