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Social media's mental health drain

(03/19/18 4:00am)

Over winter break, I decided to worsen my social standing a bit by deleting Instagram off my phone. I’d noticed that opening the app had practically become an addiction; any time I wasn’t engaged with a task or person in real life, I would almost automatically open my phone and adeptly scroll through my home screen to reach Instagram within a matter of seconds. 

Have yourself a capitalist Christmas

(11/28/17 5:59am)

For me, one of life’s best cliché’s is how magical Christmas seems to make everything—the lights, the weather and—of course—the music. This year, I don’t think I’d even finished my Thanksgiving meal when Christmas music started pouring out of any speaker I got close to. While Michael Bublé and Paul McCartney make me feel warm and fuzzy, Mariah Carey and Penatonix make me twitch a bit. But regardless, it’s all a part of the wonderful season that means presents, family, food and shopping.

'That’s just how life goes': Sophomore Bryan Rusch isn't letting life in a wheelchair dull his shine

(12/01/17 5:00am)

One of the most peculiar things I have ever witnessed happened in the small, winding alleyways of Fez, Morocco, while I was studying abroad there with the Duke in the Arab World program. Our group of 14 students followed our tour guide to the entrance of one of the famous Fez tanneries—a place where leather gets washed and dyed—and promptly began climbing the never-ending staircase that led us to the stunning view of the basins of dye on the building's roof. 

Duke's sleeping beauties

(11/14/17 4:45pm)

With the end of the semester quickly approaching, it seems that many of students, myself included, have been finding it difficult to stay focused and motivated throughout their last few rounds of midterms. As a solution to their frustration, many have begun to experiment with sleep cycles as a way to keep themselves awake through the depressingly monotonous and routine months of fall.

What's in a name?

(10/30/17 4:41am)

As the weather begins to change and red-orange leaves coat the sidewalks and driveways of Duke’s lovely campus, there is no shortage of transformations visible in the student body: haircuts, new sweaters, a renewed sense of disgust and hatred towards Perkins Library and the bus schedule. 

Homecoming: the best weekend ever?

(09/18/17 5:15am)

One of the best parts of living on West Campus is getting to wake up and enjoy a leisurely stroll across the sunlit, grassy quad over to ABP or Divinity Cafe for a hearty Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast. This weekend, that perk was made even more pleasurable by the herds of parents and alumni blocking all the sidewalks and main entrances, covered in Duke blue outfits that totally weren’t tacky.

Piecing things together

(09/04/17 4:00am)

There were about twenty young adults crammed into our tiny windowless classroom in Fez, which had a small AC unit that often stopped working. Fourteen of us were Duke students, participating in the 2017 Duke in the Arab World program in Morocco, and the others were all young Moroccans who had volunteered to engage with us in a conversation about citizenship.

'13 Reasons Why': it might not work

(04/19/17 4:50am)

Since Netflix released its latest series 13 Reasons Why on March 31, the book-based teenage drama has received nothing but praise for its casting and elegant treatment of such a hard subject matter: suicide. The story revolves around the death of Hannah, a high school student who has left a series of tapes explaining her decision to kill herself to the bunch of students who, she illustrates, have caused her to do so. The young adult novel it is based on was written by Jay Asher and published in 2007. In 2011, it was #1 on The New York Times best-seller list.