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To give or not to give?

(04/14/16 7:51am)

On the morning of the Blue and White Dinner, I couldn’t find a spot in any of the Blue Zone lots before my first class. Irrationally indignant and angry, I fled to the Bryan Center parking lot and snagged a spot just as someone else was leaving. The ordeal left a bad taste in my mouth, even though I knew it was really only my fault that I hadn’t left in time to find a spot, and I was lucky enough to have gotten this one. So I can’t say I was really all that surprised when I got back to my car after class to find the ominous gold envelope on my windshield that I have become all too familiar with—a parking ticket. I’d gambled with the parking gods, and I had lost. It happens. If I were a better person, I would pay for my parking all the time—it is the law, after all—but I didn’t on this day.

Dear Duke voters: why so apathetic?

(02/24/16 5:21am)

Reflecting on freshman year of college, many students can identify a moment that defines their experience—a moment when they knew they had officially become a part of the Duke community. For some it is a late night with friends, for others it might be the first time they set foot in Cameron Indoor Stadium for a basketball game. For many students, though, this moment is far more of a quiet realization, a sense of purpose, maybe even a calling.

Q&A: BSA President Henry Washington discusses upcoming events with DeRay Mckesson

(11/04/15 7:26am)

At two events Thursday, activist DeRay Mckesson will dissect the fight for social equality. Mckesson's activism started following the launch of the #BlackLivesMatter campaign as he documented the aftermath of last year’s events in Ferguson, Mo. He then went on to co-found the activist group We The Protesters. The first event—sponsored by the Black Student Alliance at 1:30 p.m. in White Lecture Hall—is a conversation between Mckesson and Charlie Cobb, Duke’s activist-in-residence from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Legacy Project, an initiative to document the historic struggle for equality. The second event is part of BSA’s Real Talk series and will begin at 6:30 p.m. in McClendon 5.

Duke alums talk 'Everest,' building careers in the film industry

(09/24/15 6:31am)

A group of people set out to climb one of the world’s tallest mountains, but not all of them will return. Based on the very deadly 1996 Mount Everest disaster, “Everest” tells the story of two expedition groups attempting to survive after an avalanche. The real 1996 event left 12 dead on the mountain, but viewers will have to wait and see how the cast—including Jake Gyllenhaal and Jason Clarke—fares in the movie.

Q&A: BSA President Henry Washington on the Real Talk series

(09/17/15 6:52am)

Tonight at 7:30 p.m. the Duke Black Student Alliance will host the first event of their Real Talk series in McClendon 5. The event’s topic is “Black*** at Duke: Community Relations and Pan-Ethnicity." BSA is hosting and moderating the discussion, and Chick-Fil-A will be served. The Chronicle’s Carleigh Stiehm sat down with BSA President Henry Washington, a junior, to discuss the event’s goals and how they align with BSA’s yearly initiatives.

Cultural insights from the VMAs

(09/03/15 5:25am)

Popular culture matters. In the world of academia and hyper-intellectualism, we often like to think of ourselves as above much of the mass consumption of entertainment and pop culture. But it is a mistake to overlook this area of society when thinking critically about issues of equality and contemporary norms. Pop culture is a reflection of the society that shapes it as well as a force behind change in society. Not only is it entertaining, it also provides valuable insights into the world around us.

It's the climb

(04/27/15 8:11am)

From where we sit—perched on the third floor of the Flowers Building, almost close enough to touch the Chapel at the heart of campus and far enough from the administrators of the Allen Building to maintain a respectable buffer—Duke looks a little different than it does for most students. As the staff of The Chronicle, we often see the University not for the qualities that attracted us here as eager high schoolers, but rather as a series of questions to be answered and stories to be told. From where we sit, we see the beauty of the gothic wonderland in all her glory, but we also see the darkness where we feel bound to shine a light. For us, there is no better view of Duke University than the halls of 301 Flowers.

Kunshan student ambassadors talk goals for campus

(01/14/15 12:35pm)

During the first semester at Duke Kunshan University, a group of students formed the Kunshan Student Ambassador Council, administering two surveys to the student population of DKU and issuing an action proposal to enhance the experience of studying in Kunshan. Hwee Min Lo, DKU-KSAC's founding graduate co-chair, is in Kunshan working to complete a one-year graduate program in global health. Fellow founding member or DKU-KSAC, Quang Do, returned to Duke's campus after studying in Kunshan during the inaugural Fall semester. The Chronicle's Carleigh Stiehm interviewed these two founding members to discuss the goals of DKU-KSAC and their time on the new campus.