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I don't want your 'mental health awareness'

(02/21/20 7:43am)

Say what you will about the Duke Confessions Facebook page, but one thing’s for certain: the page sure knows how to evoke a variety of emotions in response to the deepest, darkest thoughts of our fellow Blue Devils. As the page has continued to grow in popularity over the last few months, there’s been no shortage of confessions involving wistful declarations of love, a unified distaste for computer science assignments, interpersonal comparisons of class load and work ethic, and of course, it wouldn’t truly be an elite university’s confessions page without a splash of casual racism and pretension. 

Your mental illness isn't real

(12/09/19 5:00am)

A few months ago my mother carried me to the ER after I had passed out in the parking lot only a few feet from the hospital entrance. I’d spent the hour prior with abdominal pain piercing through the right side of my body. My family members had watched me as I withered in pain on my living room couch. In any other case, this would have simply been an unfortunately painful stomach ache.

A life lesson from my therapist

(11/22/19 5:00am)

The best therapist I've ever had is one I still look up to. I suppose I'm pretty lucky to have had such a positive experience starting out in therapy. However, I always wondered how my therapist was so effective in impacting the way I view myself and the world. Truthfully, I often didn’t even know what to expect when I would step into his office for our hour-long appointments. I was always pleasantly surprised after I left, but one would think a sort of structure would aid in a coherent bond between the client-therapist relationship