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Top 10 worst reasons for Kyle Singler to return to Duke

(04/13/10 6:22pm)

Joe Drews' column today listed some (pretty good) reasons that Kyle Singler should come back to Duke next year -- jersey retirement, the chance to win a second national championship, etc. I'm quasi-uniquely qualified to aid Singler in this decision, seeing how I actually decided to turn down NBA millions an awesome job on Wall Street traveling the world a chance to live in my old room at my parents' house and return to Durham for four years of medical school after finishing my first four years at Duke.

Important links for stats nerds

(03/16/10 7:07pm)

I've been pushing tempo-free stats to anyone who will listen all season long, but if you want to win the Chronicle Sports Blog's Bracket Challenge, it never hurts to have some numbers on your side. Also, I can guarantee that you're tired of listening to ESPN's crew talk about "bounce-backability," "toughness" and "athleticism" by now, if you weren't already sick of it after the first 24 hours of coverage.

More on the math behind "Duke does decline, objectively speaking"

(02/17/10 12:28pm)

UPDATE: I've posted a link to Excel files with spreadsheets I used in this analysis at the bottom of this page. There's a bonus file, which has the  Pomeroy rankings of each ACC team. If you're a mathematical type of person and think that what I've done here is unsophisticated (at best), please see if you can do something better. Post it in the comments and I'll give it some love in a future blog post.

Schadenfreude: Ed Davis' Formspring Edition

(02/04/10 12:17am)

Apparently, either Ed Davis or someone posing as Ed Davis (Jason Williams thinks its Ed Davis) has opened a Formspring account. For the uninitiated, Formspring is a social-networking website in which users answer anonymously-posed questions. (Just click the link at the bottom and you'll get it.) Anyway, Davis' Formspring account is a treasure trove of comedy: