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‘It’s like breathing’: Duke electrician Jimmie Banks reflects on his passion for art

(09/12/19 4:05am)

Fittingly enough for a modern-day Renaissance man, Jimmie Banks lists Leonardo da Vinci among his chief artistic heroes. In addition to being an exhibiting artist at the Rubenstein Arts Center, Banks is a Duke Facilities Management electrician of 22 years, a former head cook of a barbecue restaurant, a breakdancer and a friend to everyone he meets along the way. 

Religion's blurred lines

(09/13/19 4:00am)

Throughout my life, I have grown up under the influence of Islam. Well...kinda. My mom is Muslim, but because my dad is Hindu, I have never been completely immersed within the strict rules of the former religion, like praying five times a day or fasting for the entire month of Ramadan. Despite this, when I was younger, my sisters and I would accompany my mom to a large mosque in Queens, where I would sit quietly, tracing patterns in the carpet, while a voice would boom over my head in a language I didn’t understand. It was fine, for a seven-year-old who didn’t have much else to do and recognized that many other kids around her also spent time in church or temple. But as I grew older and began to resist these trips, my mom continued to enforce these ideas of how religion was an integral part of our identity and how it was necessary to thank God for what we had given. 

Letter: West Union salmon is delicious

(09/12/19 4:00am)

I didn’t try West Union until my sophomore year. I respectfully ate all of my Marketplace swipes for breakfast and dinner.  For lunch, I salvaged peanut butter and jelly from Marketplace in the mornings and put it together in my Basset triple in the afternoons. I was happy. I enjoy food, and even though I turned away when the Marketplace workers poured Egg mix onto their omelette pans, I never complained. 

You can't prep to find 'the one'

(09/13/19 4:00am)

Coffee chats, info sessions, networking events; you’ve surely heard of, participated in, or been ranted to about some career development task over the past few weeks. Career recruiting season is in full swing on campus—many of us are applying to full time jobs, and a quarter of us have just begun our final year at Duke. The real world is approaching, fast. This school is a place with a sense of endless opportunity: a springboard to a great career, a perfect life. 

A life measured in recipes

(09/12/19 4:00am)

I had a good column planned out for this week. It was topical and Duke-specific and at least passably entertaining. And then, about seven minutes into the first quarter of the football game this Saturday, my mom called to tell me that my Nana had passed away in hospice care that afternoon. And suddenly, I couldn't write about anything but her.