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Freestyles: Carefully labored effortlessness

(11/20/19 7:44pm)

To many, the term freestyling immediately inspires a vision of the XXL Freshman yearly cypher, prompting nostalgia of Kodak Black’s trouncing of whoever picked that “lil sorry a** beat.” To others, it recalls pleasant memories of nights spent spitting inebriated punchlines with friends. Professional freestyles, rapped by established acts, often take a backseat. However, a subculture has developed around them, one which, when navigated with poise, can endlessly expand your rap library.

From ‘A Trip to the Moon’ to ‘Interstellar’: ‘Space on the Silver Screen’ explores it all

(11/20/19 7:09pm)

In 1902, a rocket landed in the moon’s eye, and audiences were in awe. Pirated versions of George Méliès’ silent black-and-white film “A Trip to the Moon” screened in theaters across the United States to rows of captivated eyes. That year gave birth to a new genre of film — one that would later spawn multi-million dollar budget deals, elaborate theme parks and zeitgeist-defining, imagination-widening stories. 

When Nasher director Sarah Schroth retires in May, she will leave a legacy behind

(11/21/19 5:03am)

Sarah Schroth would like you to know that museums don’t run themselves. It takes a lot of effort to get those paintings on the walls of the Nasher Museum of Art — 37 people, actually. And with her coming retirement in May 2020, the Nasher will have to replace one of the most important people in its history. 

All you need is a stick figure

(11/21/19 5:01am)

Ever since the dawn of my movie-watching days, I have been singularly obsessed with animation. My fascination transcended fondness for the princesses in Disney films or the squishy CGI characters of early Dreamworks entries: I was fixated on the animation itself, the creation of elaborate set pieces and fluid movement from drawings alone. I grew up watching Pixar movies exclusively with the director’s commentary turned on, marveling at the innovation and invention that went into making something as commonplace as a ponytail or a garbage bag look realistic.

Stephen Miller can find love...but I can't?

(17 hours ago)

Picture this: it’s 2 a.m. on a Saturday and you’re chest-deep in the rabbit hole of Modern Love. You’re a little upset because, yes, it’s cuffing season, and no, you’re not cuffed. So you’re living vicariously through the stories of other people… but sometimes it hurts to be reading these beautiful love fragments and knowing that they cannot and will not and do not apply to you. And then you stumble upon another tidbit of romantic news: an engagement! Between a woman named Katie Waldman and none other than Stephen Miller. 

Is going through the reporting process worth it?

(11/21/19 5:00am)

In a 2018 campus-wide survey, 48% of female undergraduates reported having been sexually assaulted since coming to Duke. This means over 1,700 undergraduate women have been sexually assaulted, a statistic that even Larry Moneta suggested was under-representative. Yet in the 2018-2019 academic year, only 169 reports were made to the Office of Student Conduct. Those numbers don’t add up.

Honestly, this cold weather just really sucks

(11/20/19 5:00am)

The walk from Edens 1C to Blue Zone takes approximately 8 minutes and 38 seconds. That doesn’t sound too bad, until you actually calculate the inefficiency that Duke Parking & Transportation has managed to impressively concoct. A quick look on their website reveals that we’ve been forced to move our cars six times this semester (out of just eleven weeks of classes).

'It's not Shooters': Sights and sounds of a Saturday night at Duke Coffeehouse

(11/19/19 6:00am)

I didn’t know where the Duke Coffeehouse was when I set out to spend a night there. Somewhere on East Campus, right? I hopped off the C1 on a frigid Saturday night in mid-November and walked toward the Crowell Building, where the DukeMobile app said the Coffeehouse would be, and around to a set of black metal stairs in the back.