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Pandemic fails to cancel 8th annual "Truth to Power" art exhibit

(09/01/20 4:00am)

To the upbeat sound of Billy Porter’s “Love Yourself”, artists trickled into the now-familiar Zoom room. The inspiring feeling evoked by Porter’s lyrics as people joined the 8th annual “Truth To Power” exhibition artist talk harmonized with the messages encapsulated by the stellar artwork of the virtual gallery. 

Former Duke athletes react to recent Black Lives Matter protests

(09/01/20 5:01am)

In light of the recent Black Lives Matter protests, Duke Athletics hosted a peaceful protest in K-Ville to share stories and support for the topic. Several heartfelt speeches were given by Blue Devil athletes and coaches. Duke athletics alumni and students alike have shown their support to this cause through social media, attending peaceful protests and giving touching speeches. 

How Duke arts organizations are recruiting during COVID-19

(08/31/20 4:00am)

A year ago today, arts organizations around campus were buzzing with anticipation. They were preparing for all the events they would host over the next couple of days: arts showcases, FWOC performances and auditions. I remember the butterflies in my stomach as I walked to the Arts Annex for my first dance audition of college. My heart pounded in my chest as I stumbled through the choreography, mostly from how nervous I was. It stopped for a few seconds when, to my surprise, the upperclassmen gathered to congratulate me and the other first-years for making it on the team. This year’s first-years won’t get to experience that rollercoaster of emotions.

Of monsters and men: An ode to T-Pain

(08/31/20 4:00am)

When I think of happiness, I think of T-Pain. I think of being eight and whirling around on rented quad skates to “Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’)” at my hometown roller rink. I think of Wendy’s drive-through runs with my high school friends, “Bartender” blaring through our shoddy car speakers. But when I tell people that I think “Drankin’ Partna” is one of the best love songs of our generation (yes, I will die on this hill) my argument is usually not taken seriously. 

The gift of laughter

(08/31/20 4:00am)

There’s a cultural myth within African American folklore about the character High John de Conqueror. Anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston tells a story about him and how he helped enslaved Blacks survive harsh realities. He took them away on a trip to heaven to see the Old Maker without the white slave master realizing what was happening. When they returned from their trip, they were strengthened and renewed because of the two gifts they had received. The two gifts High John gave them to endure their brutal, inhumane situation were the gifts of laughter and song.

Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice criticizes Trump administration's COVID-19 response in Zoom talk

(08/28/20 4:48am)

In a Thursday talk, Susan Rice, who served as national security advisor in former U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration, spoke to a Zoom audience about the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing movements for racial justice.