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If I have learned anything at Duke, I have learned to love

(04/27/21 1:06am)

For someone who is to receive a degree in English in less than a week, and for someone whose first year columnist tagline was “on the run from mediocrity,” I’ve been especially mediocre at verbally expressing myself lately. I’ve stumbled through senior sendoff speeches, I’ve failed to find the perfect words to express how much my friends mean to me, and now I sit here staring at this Google Doc, hoping to be a wordsmith of similar caliber to my Opinion section predecessors or fellow departing editors. But perhaps this predicament I find myself in is a tragically on-brand summation of my biggest obstacle at Duke and beyond: a painstaking desire to be perfect. When I receive a test back, I go through every wrong answer and think about all of the ways I could have written, but didn’t write, a better, flawless answer that would have received full points. When I eat the fruit and nut mix from the produce section of Harris Teeter, I always pair exactly two dried fruits per walnut to ensure the perfect balance of sweet, salty, chewy and crunchy. All of the clothes in my closet are organized in a color gradient. 

A marathon, not a sprint

(04/23/21 6:19am)

If I ever finish writing this column, it will run on the last day of classes, at the end of a very strange year. A year ago I was talking to friends on Zoom while nervously getting ready to publish my first story as editor-in-chief. This year I’ll once again be on campus for LDOC, which brings to mind the half-joking phrase Duke students say as a reminder to pace oneself while celebrating the day: “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”