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Community Editorial Board

In 2006, The Chronicle moved to make its editorial board independent of the editorial staff at the paper. In furtherance of that goal, the Board experienced a subsequent change in 2019 to become the Community Editorial Board (CEB). With this step, the CEB and the editorial staff of the Chronicle hoped to further clarify the CEB’s independence from the paper's staff at large and better facilitate the CEB’s continued mission of enriching campus dialogue.

Today, between 10 and 15 voting members comprise the CEB, with the editor-in-chief, editorial page editor and former editor-in-chief serving ex-officio. Members cannot be in a major student body leadership position during their time on the Board without consultation with the Chairperson(s). Board members are also explicitly prohibited from writing or editing other daily or weekly sections of The Chronicle. 

The Community Editorial Board aims to offer thoughtful opinions on a variety of issues; to hold students, faculty and administrators publicly accountable for their statements and actions; and to help students sharpen their journalistic and writing skills. Board members must show a breadth and depth of knowledge, experiences and perspectives to contribute to weekly meetings where editorials are discussed and drafted. The unsigned editorials are written anonymously by one voting member and based on the consensus of all voting members. Published editorials reflect only the views and opinions of the Board. 

In an effort to be transparent, the names and brief biographies of the CEB Chairs and current members are posted below.

Jaewon Moon, Community Editorial Board Chair/Editor. Jaewon is a Trinity senior from Miami, Florida, majoring in Chemistry with a concentration in Pharmacology. Outside of the Community Editorial Board, she is the president of Asian American Alliance, an undergraduate researcher at the Franz lab, and a domestic violence hotline advocate at the Compass Center for Women and Families in Chapel Hill. Beyond that, Jaewon enjoys kickboxing, spending time with good food and better friends, and nature hikes.

Olivia Simpson, Community Editorial Board Chair/Editor. Olivia is a Trinity senior from Durham, North Carolina, studying Sociology, Spanish and Political Science. Beyond the Editorial Board, Olivia is the Housing Services Coordinator for the Community Empowerment Fund and a member of the Global Citizenship and Ethics Living/Learning Community. Her remaining free time is taken up by a deep appreciation for cooking, puzzles and the great outdoors.

Doha Ali, Community Editorial Board Member. Doha is a Trinity junior from Denver, CO studying Economics and Sociology. At Duke, Doha is involved in the social justice scene on campus through Center for Race Relations and the Undergraduate Chapter of the Duke Law School’s Innocence Project. Outside of her varying academic and extracurricular commitments, Doha enjoys reading along with hanging out with her friends and family and in doing so providing them with a good amount of unsolicited advice. 

Jeremy Carballo Pineda, Community Editorial Board Member. Jeremy is a Trinity sophomore originally from Costa Rica, but he now lives in Wilmington, NC. He intends on majoring in Public Policy with a certificate in Marxism and Society. He is interested in understanding and interpreting how power in culture and politics is used to maintain the status quo and subjugate minorities to oppression. Beyond the editorial board, Jeremy is the VP of Social Programming for GANO, a member of Define American and Duke Students for Education Reform, and a policy researcher at The Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy. In his free time, Jeremy enjoys spending time with friends and attempting to become a US Citizen.

Brennen Neeley, Community Editorial Board Member. Brennen is a Trinity senior from Georgetown, Kentucky, studying English and Philosophy. He edits and co-leads The Archive Literary Magazine and is a Writing Consultant for the Thompson Writing Studio. Brennen loves to read (esp. to procrastinate), dance while he thinks no one is looking, and pace.

Varun Prasad, Community Editorial Board Member. Varun is a Trinity senior from Chapel Hill, NC, studying Economics and Statistics. At Duke, he works as a Research Assistant at the Environmental Justice lab in the Economics Department and as Advocate Engagement Coordinator for the Community Empowerment Fund. In his free time he enjoys listening to 2000's R&B hits and watch Khan Academy videos for the math classes he's failing. 

Musa Saleem, Community Editorial Board Member. Musa is a Trinity sophomore from Islamabad, Pakistan who is studying Literature, Philosophy, and Neuroscience. He is the President of the Duke Students and Workers Alliance and Vice President of Education in Blue Devils United. In his free time, he likes writing plays, reading something, and napping.

Nick Simmons, Community Editorial Board Member. Nick is a senior studying Literature and Education from Mocksville, North Carolina. They’re excited to drop most of their commitments in senior year and hopefully have more time to hang out with friends, read and look at the sun. 

Kevin Solomon, Community Editorial Board Member. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, Kevin is a Trinity senior studying Political Science and Human Rights, focusing on the intersection between urban development and social justice. Kevin is a Community Organizer with the NC Congress of Latino Organizations, an executive member of the Duke Disability Alliance, and previously organized with the Durham Community Land Trustees. In his free time, Kevin enjoys running, swing dancing, hiking, and beatboxing.

Ben Wallace, Community Editorial Board Member. Ben is Trinity first-year from Apex, North Carolina and a prospective political science and/or public policy major. He currently performs with the Duke Wind Symphony and Duke University Marching Band. When he is not making music, you might find him working at the Duke Career Center or bothering his friends with his freshest hot take. 

Ryan Williams, Community Editorial Board Member. Ryan is a Trinity junior from Houston, Texas. He is a Political Science major and a (possible) History minor. Beyond the Community Editorial Board, Ryan is a reporter in the DeWitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy, the Social Chair of the Duke University Debating Society and a member of Cooper House. In what little free time he has, Ryan enjoys listening to BROCKHAMPTON and tweeting.

Amy Yoon, Community Editorial Board Member. Amy is a Trinity sophomore studying Environmental Science and Policy and Global Cultural Studies. She is from Los Angeles, California but grew up in Shanghai, China as an expatriate. On campus, Amy works as a barista at Duke Coffeehouse and a gallery guide at the Nasher. She strongly believes in environmental justice, thrifting, and taking late-night naps between studying.