The Chronicle taste tests some guacamole options at Duke

The Chronicle tries three different types of guacamole: Cosmic Cantina, Sazón and The Loop.

Taste testers: Ben Leonard and Maria Morrison

Video: Bre Bradham

Editor: Isabelle Doan

Duke students welcome men's basketball team back to campus after loss

After the Blue Devils fell to Michigan State in the Elite Eight, Duke students gathered outside Cameron Indoor Stadium to welcome the team back to campus around midnight.

'We must terminate gerrymandering': Arnold Schwarzenegger outside the Supreme Court

The former governor of California and star of the "Terminator" franchise calls on the court to end partisan gerrymandering.

Cat café comes to Chapel Hill

Cat Tales Cat Café opened this past February in Chapel Hill, NC.

Michael Model's 2019 NCAA tournament

Sports editor Michael Model thinks Duke will hang its sixth national championship this year.

Derek Saul’s 2019 NCAA tournament predictions

Incoming sports editor Derek Saul picked Duke to top Virginia in the national championship.

Winston Lindqwister's 2019 NCAA tournament predictions

Chronicle sports managing editor Winston Lindqwister is picking Virginia to take down Duke for the championship.

Conner McLeod’s 2019 NCAA tournament predictions

Incoming Chronicle sports managing editor Conner McLeod is picking Duke to beat Virginia in the national championship.

Hank Tucker’s 2019 NCAA tournament predictions

Former Chronicle sports editor Hank Tucker has Duke beating Virginia in this year’s national championship.

Mitchell Gladstone’s 2019 NCAA tournament predictions

Former Chronicle sports managing editor Mitchell Gladstone thinks Duke will beat Kentucky in the national championship.

Coach K lights the menorah

Duke Professor Ronen Plesser explains string theory and its history

Ronen Plesser, professor of mathematics at Duke University, explains string theory and discusses the 50-year history of it.

Duke Men's Basketball history in 3 minutes

The Chronicle's Hank Tucker gives a crash course on the history of Duke Men's basketball—including its coaches, best players and traditions.

Hank Aaron visits Duke

Hank Aaron spoke about his connection to Durham when a Durham public schools summer research program was named after him April 12, 2018.

Introducing our incoming editor-in-chief

Meet Bre Bradham, incoming editor-in-chief of The Chronicle's 114th Volume.

If you could do your life over, would you still choose the same path?

2018 Pioneer, Geraldine Dawson: