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Best of Duke

Healthy option

Happy + Hale

Make it a salad, make it a wrap, make it a scramble…whatever floats your healthy boat. Plus they’re awesome at vegetable puns. Really, you can’t beet them. 


Sprout: All we’re saying is, check out their vegan nuggets. They taste so much like real chicken, they’ve even gone viral with omnivore students as well. 

Hotel near campus

Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club

A Duke student and Duke parent favorite, from the hiking trails to the golf course to the hidden bacon-egg-and-cheese out on the 19th hole.


JB Duke: We’ve heard their menu is to die for…maybe if your roommate snores too loud, you can just escape here? 

Best haircut

Pedro Williams

The flyest barber shop in town…that’ll give you a free beer with every cut. We’re sold.




Nasher Museum Café

Bloody Marys, fluffy French toast casserole, and a lovely selection of art to peruse after stuffing your face. Yes please. 


Monuts: Their donuts. Their bagels. Most importantly—their honey-sriracha home fries. Best hangover cure of all time.

Best sandwich

Au Bon Pain

Choose a pre-designed one or create your own—it’s your sangy world, we’re just living in it.


Div Café: They’ve got all the crowd favorites: PB&J, Chicken Salad, Hummus n Veggie, and most importantly…GRILLED CHEESE! (Yes, we consider that a sandwich). 

Best off-campus pool

Berkshire Ninth

The place to soak up some rays when it finally starts gettin’ sunny in Durham… and once it’s your senior spring and you’ve vowed to never touch homework again. Plus, it’s one of the biggest apartment complex pools in the area! 


Berkshire Main: Right nearby its neighbor, Berk Main is a luxury swim spot for students and other residents of the apartment complex. 

Best male athlete


Do we need to explain? We mean…he has his own Zion Cam on CBS’s coverage of the games. 


Jack White: A real crowd pleaser, even before they hear his accent.


Enzo's Pizza Co.

Commonly known amongst Dukies as the best way to get a big crowd to come to your club’s events… just make sure to include that Enzo’s will be there when you send out your Facebook invite.


Domino's: You grew up with it, and you’ll grow old with it. Dominos is always reliable for top notch pizza—especially with that garlic parmesan crust.

Best donut


With flavors ranging from Maple Bacon to Orange Velvet to Apple Cider, there’s a donut for everyone in the friend group, from the friend who still has the taste buds of a five year-old to the friend who’s tried every food under the sun.


Rise: Let us tell you…these donuts RISE to the occasion. Plus, their biscuits are next level.


M Sushi

Our favorite is the M Sushi Special Roll: salmon, cucumber, avocado, spicy tuna, seared scallops, and avocado sauce. Does that sound like all of the best flavors in the world wrapped up into one or what?  


Sushi Love: A crowd favorite, especially since they deliver on Merchants on Points—did someone say… delivery on food points?! 


The Pit Authentic Barbecue

The Pit beats out all other BBQ in Durham… and there’s some seriously intense competition here. Need we say more?  


Q-Shack: Shack up at the Q-Shack with a big group—they’ve got community picnic tables that can fit all of your friends. Plus, the hushpuppies are unspeakably delicious. 

Best study abroad


Sleeping until 3pm, fiestas, siestas, and paella! What more can you ask for.


Australia/London: Hmmm….looks like Duke students might have a thing for accents?  

Best bar for game

The Loop

Hosting all the hype for all of usual Loop-goers, who are often seen chewing on fried mac and cheese bites and sipping on a draft beers from their favorite spot to watch the Blue Devils take home the w. 


Devil's Krafthouse: Booths, nachos, wings, and anything else you could possibly need to supplement your ideal game watching. Plus, their Trivia brings out some next-level competitiveness in students and faculty alike. 

Best Duke sports team

Men’s Basketball

We’ve all got our bets placed on the Blue Devils making it all the way to the NCAA championship this year.


Women’s Basketball: We’ve got our bets on these Blue Devils too.

Date night spot


If you’re looking to impress, Juju is the spot. We mean…Asian tapas? Freaking genius. Don’t skip out on their famous Brussel sprouts—they will make your date swoon.


Little dipper: Two people sharing a basket of bread and a massive pot of melted cheese? Sounds like the most perfect date of all time.

Best professor

George Grody

His LinkedIn profile says it all: "I'm obsessed with adding value to every person and organization I touch both in the classroom and inthe greater community."


Evan Charney: A famous pub pol teacher on campus…students can’t get enough of his class. 

Female athlete

Haley Gorecki

The most badass girl on the basketball court, Haley Gorecki became a Duke fan favorite the second fans realized she never misses a 3 pointer.


Erin Marsh: Marsh made the favorites list in all Track and Field fans’ hearts after she earned a trio of top 10 finishes across the 2018 indoor AND outdoor campagins. Go girl.

Must take class

Writing 101

And guess what…it’s required for every Duke student. So at least you know you’ll enjoy it.


American Dreams American Realities: A campus-wide favorite every single year, this isn’t one you’ll want to miss.

Late night food

Pitchforks Provisions

Late night study sesh in Perkins? Coming home to West after a late rendez-vous with Devines? Nothing better than a late-night Pitchforks grilled cheese.


Heavenly Buffalos: What’s better than forcing your Uber to stop at Heavenly Buffalos to pick up some late-night wings before you head home from Shooters? 

Best local beer


The best way to use your paycheck? Buy a Paycheck.


Bold Rock Cider: Get excidered to try one of Durham’s finest: Bold Rock.

Best chicken wing

Heavenly Buffaloes

Just as heavenly as its name promise, HeavBuffs is your safe haven for wings. Even better? You have approximately 10000 different wing sauces to choose from. 


Pitchforks:Don’t sleep on Pitchfork wings…they are, quite literally, flames. Don’t forget—they’re also the only on-campus eatery open 24/7. 

Best Bar


A favorite for undergrads and grads on Wednesday and Saturday nights. If you haven’t fallen off the bull, you haven’t lived yet.


The Loop: You can use food points? To buy a vodka soda? On campus? We’re not complaining (as long as we’re of age!)


Domino's Pizza

Would you expect anything less? Who would ever turn down a delivery of cinna-stix covered in frosting? 


Heavenly Buffaloes: Especially great for when you’re hosting a Duke basketball viewing party and need to feed your anxious guests. 

Best food truck


Named aptly, the Dankery specializes in the dankest of late night snacks, including nuggets, tenders, fried shrimp sandwiches, and more sauces and rubs than you could count on all of your fingers.


Gussys: Whenever you’re craving Greek, Gussy’s has to be your go-to stop. Their gyro pitas are so fluffy you could use them as a pillow.


The Parlor

They have the most fun ice cream flavors you’ve seen this spring. We’re talking Salted Butter Caramel, Malted Banana, and Vegan Chocolate. 


Divinity Café: All homemade treats, all for you. We especially recommend the Rice Krispy treats…they taste like home. 

Fave place to eat on campus

Divinity Café

They’ve got healthy options and they’ve got  buttery options. They’ve got meaty options and they’ve got veggie options. The best part? They tweet out their menu to their loyal Twitter followers every morning. 


Pitchforks Provisions: How can it not be? The specialize in tacos, grilled cheese, burgers, falafel, and any other comfort food you can think of!

Best burrito


It’s always a good time for a Cosmic burrito, but we especially prefer them late night, on our way home from Devine’s, since the Mexican joint stays open until 3am. Game. Changer.


Chipotle: ‘Potle is always a reliable burrito, especially when they come out as big as/bigger than your face. Now THAT is a burrito size we can get behind.

Best burger

Burger Bach

Every dipping sauce you could possibly imagine for your French fries—they’ve got you covered.


Bill City Burger: A favorite burger amongst Durham locals… and make sure to try