A room full of exotic sex toys, free samples and a two-hour long talk about the typically taboo topic of sex-perhaps a college student's dream come true.

Wednesday night, the Healthy Devils Peer Educators hosted "Sex Talk with DELISH," or Duke Educational Leaders in Sexual Health, an opportunity in which multiple fantasies were brought to life. More than 75 students, both male and female over 18, filled the room in McClendon Tower in anticipation of the discussion and demonstration.

"Sex is a taboo subject. The program was a good thing so people who aren't experienced have people to talk with or purchase things they want," said Healthy Devil Zipporah Johnson, a junior.

The night began with a meditation-like breathing exercise in which the students imagined themselves fulfilling their deepest fantasies. This pleasurable introduction opened the floor for a surprisingly comfortable discussion.

Laura Poole, Trinity '95, previewed a menagerie of sex toys, vividly explaining and demonstrating the various uses of each. She then proceeded to pass each of the complex devices around the room, allowing students to get a feel for the foreign apparatuses.

Poole is paid by Temptations Parties, a sex toy company, to speak about the toys at these so-called "sex parties." She began her endeavor into the sex toy business when her book club expressed an interest in hosting a "sex party." She has also been to Duke before, but some previous parties were limited to women over 18.

"It makes more money and is more interesting than selling candles," Poole said. She added, however, that the company does offer sensual candles among the many other intriguing products in their catalogue, which was distributed to all attendees.

In between Poole's displays of various toys and tools and the inevitable giggling of students, the Healthy Devils delivered meaningful information on the topics of sexual consent and communication between partners.

Johnson described the group's intentions as creating an "open dialogue about the taboo subject of sex on campus." She, along with the other Healthy Devils, said they were very pleased with the "really big turnout."

The student attendees, too, were quite satisfied with the program, displaying overwhelming excitement when Poole revealed what she called the "gorgeous" toys of "beautiful design."

Although viewing and purchasing sex toys was a major selling point of the presentation, some students came for other reasons. Sophomore Isaac Mizrahi came "to meet girls that were informed," whereas sophomore Kyle Dopfel was simply looking to keep herself busy.

"I had nothing else to do and thought it would be a productive and educational way to spend the evening," she said.

The night was full of education, fun and the acquisition of new souvenirs, students said. Many left with their pockets overflowing with exotic goodies and eager to use them-in a way compatible with the ideals promoted by the Healthy Devils, of course.