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DSG presents revised draft of tenting policy

Krzyzewskiville residents will see a number of changes to the tenting policy this year, Head Line Monitor and senior Lauren Troyer announced at a Duke Student Government meeting Wednesday night.

Troyer presented a draft of the revised 2005-2006 basketball season undergraduate admissions policy, which includes a number of new tenting rules.

If the new policy is passed by DSG's voting body Nov. 9, Cameron Crazies will tent for the Feb. 11 Wake Forest men's game and the March 4 North Carolina men's game. Both blue and white tenting will see a number of changes, and black tenting will not be an option.

"Being the first reading, I think it was received well," said DSG President Jesse Longoria, a senior. "I think a lot of the issues that will be tweaked [before the vote] are minor issues. I think a lot of the big issues with the policy aren't the issues that are going to be changed."

As in past years, there will be four game classifications, each with its own admissions procedure. Substantial changes were made to tenting game policy. No changes were made to walk-up games, and only small changes were made to wristband games and the senior game.

According to the new policy, early arrivals to K-ville will effectively monitor themselves, Troyer said. Students who decide to tent before the spring semester starts will have to contact Troyer, who said she expects line monitors to check tenters "on a regular basis."

"Basically, the first tent to establish themselves has the power to make the rules," Troyer explained.

Last year, the introduction of "black tenting" institutionalized the practice of students coming back early from winter break to tent, Longoria said.

Because of the structured policies last year, more students came back to pitch their tents before school started in January, which resulted in double the number of early arrivals.

According to the new policy, blue tenting will start Jan. 9-two days before spring semester classes begin. Fifty tents will be permitted for blue tenting. During the period, eight students must sleep in the tent every night. Under the old policy, only six students had to sleep in the tent during blue tenting.

"That's a way to deter more people from coming out earlier," Troyer said.

The period of white tenting will be shortened this year. Although registration for white tenting will be the same as last year, there will be separate rounds for the two games. The move is not unprecedented, Troyer said, citing the success of a similar method three years ago.

Smaller wristband blocks and more non-senior wristbands for the Feb. 19 Miami senior game will also be instituted if the policy is approved early next month.

By the end of this week, students will be able to access the new policy online and give their feedback.

Troyer said she has relied heavily upon student opinion in the formation of the policy. She noted that student input from two open forums, an online survey and a meeting of the line monitors greatly influenced the current policy draft.

"Student opinion is what drives the policy," Longoria said. "Soliciting students who participate in the event will ensure that we are providing policy that is appropriate to the tenor of student concerns."

Troyer hopes to improve communication with K-ville residents this year. A regularly updated AOL Instant Messenger profile and K-ville website will be created, as well as an expanded K-ville e-mail list.

As basketball season approaches, Troyer hopes to hold policy information sessions on East Campus. She also wants to increase line monitor presence in K-ville.

Also during the DSG meeting, the Duke Photogroup was chartered unanimously, and the Students for Academic Freedom organization was recognized by a vote of 32 to six.

The recognition of Students for Academic Freedom, which promotes academic freedom through political impartiality in the classroom, sparked heated discussion.

"They inspire debate and discussion," said junior Joe Fore, vice president of academic affairs. "That is what this campus should be about."

Other senators said the group served only as a middleman. Many believed DSG should not support what they perceived as an advocacy campaign.

"It's good as an organization not to unanimously agree on everything," Longoria said after the debate. "We are representing a cross section of the University that doesn't agree on everything."

Vice President of Student Affairs Paige Sparkman, a senior, gave a presentation on the arts at Duke. She cited a number of possible outlets for students, including the Nasher Museum of Art and Duke Performances. "In the last few years, Duke has made leaps and bounds in terms of promoting the arts on campus," Sparkman said. "However there really isn't a guideline for [promoting the arts]."

Two budgetary statutes were also passed at the meeting: Phi Beta Sigma fraternity received $1,690 for their Charity Ball, and the Craven Quadrangle Council received $2,000 for their Blessid Union of Souls concert.


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