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College Republicans endorses Lefevre

In an extremely tight vote, Duke College Republicans voted to endorse Mike Lefevre for DSG president. We endorse Lefevre with Will Passo as second preference in the instant runoff.

We felt that Lefevre has a track record for tangible positive change on campus. During the past three years he has represented the student body in DSG with passion and integrity, often serving to bridge the gap between faculty and students. Among his many accomplishments, Lefevre brought Zip Cars to the University and worked to close a $2.2 million budget gap in Duke Dining. We believe his thorough understanding of Duke’s institutions will help further empower the student body and advance the well being of the student body.

We were also highly impressed with DSG presidential candidate Will Passo. Passo’s ability to articulate his ideas for the future of DSG speaks highly of his ability to potentially lead the student government. Duke Democrats would no doubt favor Passo for president because he has served as a Duke Democrat executive. Yet the Republicans were still extremely impressed by his former DSG service and his platform for DSG president. Of the three candidates, Will Passo seems to be the biggest advocate for us—something we need from a DSG president—and personally and professionally would find him to be an asset as our DSG president.

Justin Robinette

Chair, Duke College Republicans

Trinity ’11


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