The Chronicle presents new campus demands tracker

Today The Chronicle's Vol. 118 presents readers with its new student demands tracker. 

Our staff compiled demands that students groups have published as early as 2003, including Demands from Duke Asian Students, Duke Sexual Harassment & Assault Prevention & Education (SHAPE), Duke Graduate Students Union (DGSU), Duke University Native American/Indigenous Student Alliance (NAISA), Demands to Declare Duke a Sanctuary Campus, Duke Black Coalition Against Policing (BCAP), and Duke’s Latinx organizations.

Readers can find this continually updated webpage under the "Demands Tracker" tab on the home page. 

The Chronicle’s tracker lists when demands were first issued and when they were most recently updated. This includes demands that were reiterated; for example, the demand to “institutionalize ethnic studies or equivalent department” was first issued in 2003 and most recently demanded again in 2021

Some demands are shared across student groups. For example, “Increase Latinx faculty and staff representation” is a demand shared in 2016 by Mi Gente, in 2021 by Duke Asian Students and in 2022 by Duke’s Latinx organizations. The tracker labels these shared demands in “Sources.”

The tracker mirrors Duke’s racial equity website, which marks “commitments to racial equity” with progress bars labeled “In planning," “Underway," or “Implemented.” The Chronicle’s progress bars are labeled “Unclear," “Not fulfilled," “Partially fulfilled” or “Fulfilled," drawing on Chronicle reporting and other sources. 

Some demands also include “Context," which further explains how The Chronicle marked the demand's progress. Other demands include a “Related” category, which include further relevant sourcing. 

At this page, we have compiled demands from campus groups that have been updated since 2018. If you believe certain demands are missing or have been fulfilled, please contact 

This project was led by seniors Nadia Bey and Preetha Ramachandran. 


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