DSG senators approve funds for K-Ville common room tent, create two new DSG affiliates

<p>DSG senators at their Sept. 21, 2022 meeting.</p>

DSG senators at their Sept. 21, 2022 meeting.

On Wednesday, Duke Student Government senators created two new DSG affiliates and approved funds for a K-Ville common room tent at their first Senate meeting of the semester.

The updated affiliate by-law establishes two new DSG affiliates: the Karsh Student Advisory Board and the Mobility at Duke Committee. DSG affiliates are “semi-autonomous entities” that work on specific objectives, such as accessibility, according to the by-law. 

KSAB “ensur[es] student input in the decision-making framework of the Karsh Office of Student Financial Aid,” according to the by-law. Formed in fall 2022, the board advocated for the 600 extra food points distributed to students on financial aid and merit scholarships in October. Senator Katie Kotler, a sophomore, clarified that the by-law “[cements] a pilot program” and allows the committee to add new DSG and non-DSG members.

The Mobility at Duke Committee “is aimed at understanding the mobility needs of the Duke community and developing actionable proposals to expand accessibility, quality, and modalities,” the updated by-law reads. Senior Swetha Rajagopal, vice president for Durham and Community Affairs, explained that the new provisions give this committee a separate fund code.

Existing DSG affiliates include the Duke Student Dining Advisory Committee, Line Monitors, Student’s Advocate Office, Undergraduate Environmental Union, Student Wellness Advisory Committee and Housing and Accessibility Committee.

In other business

Senators allocated $675 for a K-Ville common room tent. The funds will be used to “purchase a tent, portable movie projector, seating, blankets, and games for the K-Ville common room tent,” according to the budgetary statute.

DSG’s Campus Life committee has also started looking for student volunteers for A-Team, a group that manages bench burning after the North Carolina men’s basketball game. DSG will be releasing more information about how to volunteer.

DSG President Lana Gesinsky and Executive Vice President Devan Desai, both seniors, will be hosting an optional informational session for Duke students interested in running for DSG president or executive vice president. The session will take place at the DSG office in the Bryan Center on Jan. 23 at 6 p.m.

DSG senators confirmed a $3,400 increase to Duke Rhydhun’s annual budget recommended by the Financial Oversight and Appeals Committee. The Bollywood dance team has faced unexpected expenses from a successful competition season, the recommendation reads.

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