Engineering Student Government endorses Lana Gesinsky for DSG president


Duke Engineering Student Government is excited to endorse Lana Gesinsky for Duke Student Government president. Both candidates have expertise in DSG and a love for Duke, with a passion for serving our student body. After meeting with both candidates and discussing issues pertaining to the Pratt student body, the ESG executive board agrees that Lana’s vision for enhancing the engineering community and reforming student life makes her the ideal candidate for DSG president.

ESG strives to foster a close community among students in Pratt, through welcoming in new students and programming for current students. We are excited about Lana’s ideas pertaining to enhancing Pratt-specific pairs in the Blue Devils Buddies Program, as well as the incorporation of new outreach programs to incoming Pratt students. Student government recruitment of incoming Pratt students is vital for bolstering Pratt resources and engineering campus involvement.

With roughly 20% of undergraduates enrolled in Pratt, engineers face a disproportionately low representation in DSG. With the endorsement of Lana, ESG looks forward to enhancing engineering representation regarding campus life decisions, from course policies to campus life. Lana has expressed a commitment in establishing communication between ESG and DSG, encouraging inter-school collaboration and ensuring Pratt voices are heard at all levels. We look forward to building a lasting relationship that allows ESG to better join the conversations circling our campus.

Lana’s commitment to encouraging an open dialogue between students and student leaders, advocating much-needed campus life changes, and oversight regarding student group decisions are all reasons we are confident that she is best suited to serve Pratt students. Her history of delivering on enhanced campus seating, extending dining facility hours, improving clarity on event policies for student groups, and much more all contribute to the choice we have made. We hope to work with Lana as DSG president to elevate the concerns and desires of all Pratt students.

Jack Rhodes, Pratt '24
Engineering Student Government Executive Vice President

Recused: Nikita Suri
Absent Members: Aneesh Karuppur, Eliana Durkee, Emily Shao, Emily Yagoda, James Zheng, Vivian Su, Neil Upreti, Sophia Leeman, Vivian Su


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