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Letter: Honor Coach K's name

letter to the editor

I know that there are a lot of tributes planned for Coach K. I don’t know if anyone is planning what I suggest as a great tribute. My name is not as difficult to spell as his. For my entire life I have had people pronounce it in every possible way. They stumble to say it, they ask if it is Japanese or XXX, you name it. Our family has been in the USA for 300 years with historical contributions. I invariably have to tell people how to pronounce it, and appreciate when I am asked how, where and what. I explain with pride.

I believe that Coach Krzyzewski also has pride in his family name. It is understandable. In a way, with the pride that Duke has toward their historic coach, I am surprised that Coach K is used in the court name, articles and tributes instead of his name. I believe that he simply was defeated by the daily hassle of dealing with his family name and accepted this as a part of becoming “American.” I believe that he would be deeply touched if the fans would make the effort to say his family name, his pride.

I suggest this, at his last game or tribute, wherever it may occur, in whichever city it would happen, have the cheerleaders lead a chant that everybody knows: give me a K, K. give me an R, ..Z..Y..Z..E..W..S..K..I (spell it all out)...What’s that spell? And the cheerleaders lead the correct pronunciation with a loud microphone. Louder and louder, so that the entire arena vibrates so loud that they can hear it said in the entire world. The world will be watching.
I will be watching. My wife and I watch almost every game on ESPN. 

Frank Osuna is a Duke fan. 


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