duARTS endorses Drew Flanagan for DSG President


duARTS is thrilled to announce its endorsement of Drew Flanagan for Duke Student Government president.

Through his work on SOFC, Drew has been instrumental in encouraging and promoting our wide variety of arts-related programming, specifically through his crafting policy that enabled funding of non-reusable supplies. Through these changes, we have been able to broaden our variety of programming and increase accessibility to our events, be it do-it-yourself (DIY) kit distributions or paint supplies that we can now provide to more students more easily than we were able to before. We also know that many of our partner student arts groups still face difficulties in various aspects of programming and visibility, such as reserving spaces for rehearsals, events, or shows, thereby indicating that many student arts groups have yet to receive proper and effective support. Based on the positive changes that we have observed within duARTS as a result of Drew’s work, we are confident that he will continue to advocate for the visibility and programming needs of Duke’s amazing student arts organizations if he is elected to be Duke Student Government president. 

When we met with Drew, we also appreciated how he highlighted the often-tricky advising situation that many student groups face. Through our own experience as an arts group, we have often experienced rapid changes in our advising situation from higher-level Duke administration, particularly in relation to organizational support, that could have been dealt with in a more efficient and effective way. As such, we are excited to hear about Drew’s commitment to providing a more sustainable, peer-based support structure for student groups, ultimately resulting in more effective communication that would enhance the undergraduate programming scene on Duke’s campus as a whole. 

Overall, we believe that Drew’s emphasis on student advocacy, communication, and support will enable him to effectively, efficiently, and meaningfully lead Duke Student Government next year.


Krishna Sinha, Trinity ‘22

duARTS President

Recused: David Frankel, Alice Zhou

Absent: Madison Burmeister, Marie Cheng, Allison Chen, Eliza Henne, Alana Hyman, Katie Zhang, Ruby Wang, Savanna Woods


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