Meet Duke's Class of 2025: The Chronicle's first-year survey results

Editor's note: This story is part of a series about the Class of 2025 based on a survey conducted by The Chronicle. You can read more about our methodology and limitations here, or see all of our survey coverage here.

Interactives by Preetha Ramachandran.


We asked respondents in the Class of 2025 about their race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation; from where and what type of community they are from; whether they are first-generation college students; and their family income. 

Paths to Duke

Students varied in their paths to Duke. The survey asked the Class of 2025 if they applied Early Decision, whether Duke was their first choice, whether they have legacy status, the type of high school they came from, whether they took a gap year and why they chose Duke.

Plans at Duke

The survey asked first-years to tell us what they plan to major in; their interest in Greek life, selective living groups and living learning communities; and opinions on QuadEx.

Beliefs and lifestyles

We asked the Class of 2025 to tell us about their beliefs, lifestyle and choices—from religion to drug use to whether they have sought mental health treatment before.


We asked students to share their political beliefs, where they plan to vote, whether they voted in the recent Durham municipal elections and for whom they voted.

Campus resources and amenities

In a first for the first-year survey, we asked students to tell us which campus amenities they frequented, as well as which campus resources they knew about and which they had personally used or visited.

COVID-19 and community

We asked the Class of 2025 to tell us how COVID-19 policies have affected their lives and their ability to find community, and whether they have tested positive or know someone who has tested positive on campus.

Preetha Ramachandran profile
Preetha Ramachandran | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator

Preetha Ramachandran is a Trinity senior and diversity, equity and inclusion coordinator for The Chronicle's 118th volume. She was previously senior editor for Volume 117.


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